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You do not know the headphones

Every time a new headset, for children who like to listen to songs, this is still very good. Look at what we do not know the headset knowledge it

Unit type

Unit is the headphones play the role of the sound conversion of the soul, less it does not have to listen to music! However, there are many types of units, it is not one by one narrative, the current market mainly in the moving coil, the balance of the two most common, in addition to static type is also worth noting.

Moving coil

Moving coil unit for the largest case, no matter what price band, have used moving coil unit, the overall production technology is quite mature, and even most of the home speaker unit is also moving coil design, each headset manufacturers Of the dynamic unit design is different, but the situation is not separated from the case, including the magnetic engine, voice coil, diaphragm, voice coil around the coil, the use of the current through the coil strength, the direction to form a magnetic field, which Time will be with the next side of the magnetic engine suck, repulsion, and then drive the diaphragm to promote the air movement.

Balanced armature type

This type of monomer has recently risen rapidly in the market, but do not say that you may not know that the balance armature monomer was originally used in the hearing aid, because it has the advantages of small size and high efficiency, and gradually have a consumer headset Balance armature unit, which in turn earrings headphones accounted for the majority, so as to maintain the small size, easy to carry the product features.

Frequency response

Frequency response referred to as frequency response, it was also said that the frequency range or bandwidth size, in Hz (Hz). With the simplest argument, the headset is able to issue beats by dr dre the lowest frequency to the highest frequency range, and now most of the headset marked frequency response data is 20Hz ~ 20kHz, on behalf of the lowest frequency is 20Hz, the highest frequency is 20kHz. But not to say that the headset encountered 20Hz ~ 20kHz outside the sound signal, it will be no sound, but because the volume greatly reduced to the measurement standards are ignored.


The impedance unit is (ohm ohm), which is one of the important indicators to buy headphones, through the simple said that the smaller the impedance the more easily drive out the volume, and the common impedance of 300 ohms to 16 ohms range, the past In order to match the professional studio equipment or other audio equipment, will choose high-impedance headphones.


Sensitivity, or efficiency, output sound pressure, sound sensitivity, etc., refers to the input sound signal when the headphones reflect the volume level, beats headphones cheap the use of units in dB / mW, the measurement method is input 1 mW power, the headset at the frequency of 1kHz The volume size. So the higher the measured value that the more easy to drive, but also more suitable for use with the source source, so the sensitivity is also an important indicator of the choice of headphones. In general, the headset sensitivity is about 100dB / mW cheap beats or so, there are many ear audio headphones more than 110dB / mW, or even more than 120dB / mW.

No matter how the headset effect, we first care about the appearance, and even the exterior design is also full of creativity, can highlight the personal style, people feel very tide. Of course, the headset is not the more expensive the better, there are a lot of things like the goods, mainly you look like or to effect, mainly suitable for their own is the best.