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You can not figure out what is listening to headphones

Many people for the "professional monitor" with the headset feel very mysterious, and seems to use the headset with the usual headset, a fever headset is completely different, a reference to listen to headphones, linked to the TV screen to see the studio, television, radio , In fact, listen to headphones not only in the above-mentioned places, its definition of the concept is very wide. From the use of point of view, the monitor headphones are divided into recording studio monitoring, broadcast monitoring, sound monitoring, special (special) monitoring and so on. The studio is divided into the same period (live return) monitoring and downmix monitoring, the scene is generally sent to accompaniment music, beat or music melody to the recording of the singer, the player, like singing karaoke play no original music , The purpose is to let each singer, the player to hear the rhythm and music, coordination of recording. So the requirements for this type of headset is not high, but the prerequisite is that the headset to use closed or semi-closed, because the recording with the condenser microphone sensitivity is very high, some weak details will be picked up, including headphones The sound of the leak. The following are the same as the "

Shrinkage monitoring is a high demand for headphones sound, it requires as much as possible to restore all the real sound, as little as possible the sound and close to the scene of the sound positioning, which is the pursuit of the effect of fever headphones, so cheap beats by dre such headphones can be Hair to use headphones. However, in turn, the fever headphones are not all can be used as a monitor headset, because most of the fever headphones sound more serious, or the frequency band of the frequency response curve is not straight, or phase characteristics are not good, although the sense of hearing Quite good, but for some bands or some instruments, the playback effect may be flawed, of course, high-quality fever headphones can also be used in the studio. Say broadcast monitoring. Broadcast monitoring is mainly to require radio stations in the broadcast program, the program host and guests, as well as director, producer and other real-time monitoring with the use. This kind of broadcast requires that the headphones have high language clarity and intelligibility, can filter words that affect clarity and intelligibility noise, such as low frequency interference, telephone noise, etc., of course, there will be specially prepared for the headset Of the equalizer in operation, but the quality requirements of the headset is still relatively high.

Sound monitor, the requirements of the headset can be high or low, the general dance hall listening headphones, as long as you can clearly listen to the music, language content, debugging out the satisfaction of the reverberation and vocals ratio, pre-monitoring (PFL) accurate Can be. DISCO dance hall generally use monaural or binaural closed listening headphones, requiring low-frequency strong, sound pressure, sound and strong, durable. For the concert, high-quality sound reinforcement occasions, the requirements of the monitor headphones on the higher, but the general monitoring are professional monitor speakers, headphones are generally used as auxiliary monitoring, with some high-quality closed or semi-enclosed Headphones on it. There is a special monitor, this monitor around us everywhere, such as the paging station paging Miss, the telecommunications station operator, they are wearing a microphone with a closed monitor headphones, the requirements are also high degree of language proficiency. There are aircraft on the pilot monitoring, racing driver scheduling monitoring, tank crew command coordination monitoring, submarine sonar monitoring, etc., are based on different needs to use different special headphones.

Listening to headphones and fever headphones have a very critical difference: the professional use of headphones to listen to the general use of people probably do not care too much, and the use of the frequency is very high, the use of the environment will be more complex, may be indoor, Is the wind and rain outdoors, so the requirements to the structure is simple, durable. Shoot the location of the time when not careful sitting under the buttocks, fell to the ground will not be easily damaged, easy to disassemble the cleaning of the earmuffs are also very much loved by the sound engineer - you do not like dirty ears in your head let's go. There is also a difference: we often listen to the headset cable is the telephone line as the spring line, so the purpose of the design is not easy to use the mixer and other professional equipment on the many knobs to catch.