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Why is your headset easy to bad?

For the enthusiasts, beats headphones on sale can listen beats by dre sale to a long time for the wonderful music, is it a great thing to life also. Headphones are easy to bad usually because there is no attention to the use of small details, easy to be ignored by us, often these small details affect the use of headphones time. In order to allow electronic audio can be accompanied by a long time in our side, we need to do what the details? Hifi headset life depends on the user's living habits, use, storage and headset's own quality. Improper use of the headset is easy to bad, will reduce the life of the headset. For example, when we plug the plug, a lot of people are pulling the wire pull, it is easy to wire and joints at the solder joints pulled loose, resulting in poor contact, or even cut off; when the headset was also the same way to pull Headphones, and finally the headphones will have a sound inside the sound or not ring. Such a way to use the best headphones believe that it is estimated how long it will live it

After listening to the song, may be free to put, put the headset lost on one side. When putting the headset, the violent collision will break the unit inside the headset. So we after listening to the song, you should use the correct winding way, the headset into the storage box inside, one is to reduce the headphones in the low temperature of the exposed, damaged wire, and secondly good storage habits can increase the use of headphones The We talked about the headset's cheap beats headphones skills in beats earphones the previous article. Bad habits in life will cause some damage to the headset, such as sleeping with a headset, when sleeping will be unconscious in the case of turning over or moving, this time if you wear headphones, wire will cause a certain winding, but also Crush the ear shell and so on. So bad habits in life will reduce the life of the headset. In order to ensure that these small details of the time, we should consider the quality of the headset. Select the headset, be sure to consider the use of their own headphones, and according to their own habits to choose. The life of the headset depends on the life of the unit, the life of the wire and the life of the plug, and then the life of the wire

Finally, different headphones are not the same. But are similar, headphones are consumables, do not need to worry too much, as long as the usual use of time, pay attention to some small details of the headset is not easy to bad.