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Why is metaphysics? Audio test data issues

Perhaps, for all IT product evaluation inside, audio product evaluation is the most difficult, why say so? The simple reason is that the audio involves a subjective use of the problem, and this subjective opinion is difficult to express the form of numbers. This is why the sound test, the subjective views can often account for 80% of the length. Then the sound test will not be able to use the data? The answer is not necessarily, but it seems how beats headphones cheap you use cheap beats it. In the evaluation of the player, often users criticized the lack of practical data. And this sound in the current majority of forums also exist, after all, the data should be one of the most objective criteria. So why sometimes we did not provide such data? Must be small series lazy? In fact, still have to return to a primitive question: Can you understand the meaning of these data. What is validity and reliability? Reliability refers to the consistency of the test results, stability and reliability, generally more internal consistency to be expressed that the level of reliability of the test. The higher the reliability coefficient, the more consistent, stable and reliable the results of the test. And validity is validity, it refers to the measurement tool or means to accurately measure the degree of things required to measure. Validity refers to the measured results reflect the degree of the contents of the study, the results of the survey and the content of the more consistent, the higher the validity.

For the lack of tools, as well as a little knowledge of the data, is the audio industry has long been the problem, but also for the metaphysical generation beats by dre sale to provide a natural hotbed. Then we have to go beats by dre to the last two roads can go - more to experience and more to enrich the knowledge. The former is very easy for first-tier cities. While the latter, the difficulty is equivalent to go to college to study an electrical or acoustic science and technology degree. But even engineers are sometimes hard to answer which parameters will have any impact on the sound. This is why all the people who play the sound will be put on a sentence - the ear is real.