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Why everyone says Bluetooth headset sound quality is not to force

If someone knows a little bit of audio knowledge, will certainly know that the Bluetooth headset sound quality is not as good as wired headphones.Some people will blame the quality of the Bluetooth transmission speed, but also that the Bluetooth standard upgrade and sound quality will have an inevitable link. In fact, this is really the case? What reasons will make the audio quality of Bluetooth audio equipment is constrained? Bluetooth audio equipment caused by poor sound quality is very simple reason is because in the transmission process which uses a lossy code on the audio signal And the loss of coding in the compression in order to be able to achieve beats by dre wireless a larger compression ratio, to achieve a smaller amount of data, will discard the audio signal which some of the original information, and compressed information is insufficient, so in the decompression of the reduction I think a lot of people know that over-compression of the picture will produce significant noise or color blocks, and these two phenomena is the loss of compression caused by distortion. Audio lossy compression is the case, in the reduction Similarly beats solo introduce distortion, but not very intuitive. a lot of people would be more difficult to distinguish between lossy and lossless difference between music, To feel that even without loss of sound quality that brings Bluetooth is very normal thing.

If you want to distinguish between the loss and loss of the obvious difference between, I suggest that a lossless music can be compressed into small bit rate MP3 (preferably less than 96kbps). This contrast can be clearly found after the loss of mp3 version will be lost A lot of detail and high frequency, while the sense of density will sound down, you will feel the loss of audio a very loose sense of hearing, but with the loss of audio bit rate (file volume) rise, the difference will become Getting smaller and even difficult to distinguish, far less than the intuitive image and video. In the early because of Bluetooth bandwidth is limited, so have to use the loss of compression, the audio bit rate smaller after the transmission.Today today, Bluetooth has been the cheap beats headphones development of several generations, Bluetooth 4.0 limit transmission up to 24Mbps. On the present point of view, lossless audio bandwidth requirements are not harsh, CD-size lossless audio only 1.4Mbps bandwidth can be achieved, far lower to limit speed, but still why not do lossless transmission?

?At present, the sound quality of Bluetooth transmission may be limited by two aspects.Firstly because of the agreement, Bluetooth transmission audio mainly depends on A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) protocol, A2DP provides the audio through the Bluetooth transmission must meet the conditions. using A2DP protocol for transmission, the recipient will lead to not recognize the audio data sent by the sender.

?The protocol was established early in the Bluetooth standard, without taking into account the current situation, the amount of data transferred at the time of the constraints, making the audio data can only reach about 328kbps. So even if the new Bluetooth standard can bring higher transmission speed, But these protocols are not updated, the use will still be limited by the speed they are limited.Second, Bluetooth is based on 2.4GHz band, and WiFi, wireless mouse and keyboard will use the band. Some interference, leading to intermittent sound, especially audio devices have a significant impact user experience

Even if the amount of data in the Bluetooth audio transmission is limited by the agreement, by improving the transmission quality of the compression of the transmission code can improve the sound quality and now very popular aptX coding is achieved through this way cheap beats by dre to enhance. Simply speaking, Of the case can bring better compression effect, so even if limited by the agreement, still able to improve the sound quality.TaptX although improve the sound quality, but did not do without loss, and lossless audio quality is still a gap.