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Why do headphones require low distortion?

Enthusiasts said: nice not necessarily high indicators, indicators are not necessarily good high. Fever has a point of view: good sound indicators sound equipment is not necessarily good, nice equipment does not necessarily high indicators. So those indicators of high speakers, often become a recording room monitoring equipment, and those enthusiasts favorite HiFi equipment, often a variety of sound, in fact, is distortion. Four times the Grammy recording of the recording master Luca has always stressed: music is the feeling, not just the sound. He selected a piece of equipment, by virtue of the ear to listen to the real, always choose to listen to the time, rather than look at the indicators. He said: "Sometimes, you hear the voice so that you are very satisfied, feel that conveyed the feelings of music, but a look at the indicators, but not good, it will affect the mood." However, the headset indicators, Luca But did not hesitate to say: low distortion is the most important indicators of headphones. Why is this? In the end when the need for distortion, when the need for low distortion?

Recording master said: distortion is not all bad things. Luca says that distortion is not a bad thing from a professional sound engineer's point of view. Luca gives an example: for example, people are extremely insensitive to the frequency of twenty hertz. To hear the sound of a loud 20 Hz, you need a great subwoofer and a huge sound pressure. However, if the sound engineer in the production of man-made second harmonic and third harmonic (that is, harmonic distortion), because the human ear on the 40 and 60 Hz frequency sensitivity is much higher, so this harmonic "like A beam of light illuminated the fundamental ", so you feel 20 Hz sound suddenly strong a lot. Therefore, the sound engineer in order to create a kind of he wants the effect, often interested in adding some distortion.

Luca's words let me enlightened, for many years can not understand the problem suddenly want to understand: why some enthusiasts feel that some small calorie fever horn low-frequency dive deep, even more than the caliber of a large number of professional speakers, from the measured curve to see dive Not as big as the professional speaker. And the mystery is a small speaker in the big amplitude when the distortion, resulting in a certain amount of second harmonic and third harmonic, and "light" the original people's hearing is very sensitive to the ultra-low frequency!

In the absence of digital mixing technology in the past, many recordings do need to have a long reverberation time listening room to hear good results, but today, even the ordinary computer player, you can simulate the Kind of hall reverb effect, as some electro-acoustic experts pointed out: in the digital age, the best listening room, is the sound of beats earphones the studio like an excellent room!

Those distortion, reverb, and a variety of effects, should be handed to the sound engineer, as well as the player's digital effects function, and headphones, speakers, listening room, it should be bass, authentic, with very low distortion replay musical work.

Which is why more and more enthusiasts began to use Zenith, JBL professional monitor speakers as their listening equipment reasons, their listening room, more and more emphasis on sound absorption. Because the control of the acoustic environment is difficult to change the style of a speaker is also very difficult, with digital technology to adjust the sound, but it is today's technology is easy to do.