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What is the sound field of the headset

The sense of knot is a very important attribute for HiFi equipment, but this attribute is not necessary for the monitoring system, the latter will be targeted according to professional needs to adjust, so this article only HiFi system sound field experience to describe.

The purpose of the monitoring system is to restore the sound from the sound source. The purpose of the HiFi system is to restore the sound heard by the human ear. This is the essential difference between the two concepts. The listening system generally lacks the performance capability (lack of hall sense, sound orientation to record Room rather than concert hall and theater).

HiFi headphone system sound image should be in front of the head, otherwise there will be a serious head effect, specifically with the equipment and headset tuning strength. In short, to produce a strong head effect of the tuning is a failure (ordinary sound source, the headset can not avoid the effect of the head, but can be adjusted by tuning to reduce the feeling of the head).

This article is HiFi concept popular article, does not involve professional discussion, graphic for the intuitive sense of hearing, the distance is relative value, for reference only.

There is a clear sense of the headset is basically greater than ¥ 2000, the system price between 5k ~ 10k, earplugs require at least a series of flagship plug, front-end player thrust enough.

All the headset system, there are more or less sense of distortion, because the sound field of the headset is a virtual field (through the curve tuning to complete the sound phase reduction), the exception may only AKG sound artifact KK (sound field Depth can be calculated by the meter ... ...).

Distortion in the sound field size, shape; shape of the surface size, shape, positioning, depth distance. In short, "to restore a real sound field of difficulty, is tantamount to restore a world."

?About the vertical sound field

We often hear a word, horizontal sound field and vertical sound field. Longitudinal sound field is the sound field within the sound source distance from the listener. The premise of the depth of the equipment system must have the ability to conspire, there is no knot ability of the system does not exist sound field depth concept.

Generally, the distance of the farthest instrument or part is the distance of the sound field, such as the percussion beats earphones part of the symphony preparation (so the excellent sound field depth must have low-frequency micro-dynamic performance, so the ear Are not ideal, including all kinds of customization).

On the pop music sound field, because the pop music is a professional mixing processing, so basically there is only two sound field sound image, voice and soundtrack, the equipment can be two kinds of sound image of the sense of space can be restored , The bearing position requirements are lower.