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What is the relationship between the sound of the headset and the understanding of the music?

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This question should be from two aspects, the studio music (mainly popular) and live music (classical and real instruments). First of all to clear a concept that is the sound of the replay. From the CD's recording, the singer and the instrument sound came out, through the microphone recording, and then post-processing, burn CD, is a series of distortion process. Especially in the studio recording of popular music, many instruments and even electronic synthesis. And then we hear the sound, but also from the CD signal to restore, decoding, amplification and finally transmitted through the headset, but also a series of distortion process. With a metaphor, the sound of the headphones is like painting, the original voice is like the scenery, painting can be abstract, can be realistic, there are many styles, but then realistic painting, it can not really the same scenery. Back to the topic up, the recording studio pop music because of their own in the process of burning MSG heavy, vocal and musical instrument post-processing is also very serious, in the "high fidelity" above the pursuit is undoubtedly ridiculous, the Lord listen to such music, To seize the "seasoning" word. Meaning what kind of voice you like, to choose what kind of headset system. For example, some people like low-frequency, some people have requirements for the teeth, some people like the sound of thick, some beats headphones cheap people like the cool voice, according to their own listening hobbies, and constantly adjust their own headset system to achieve the most comfortable listening You can. Blindly the most "high fidelity", then the shortcomings of the recording will be exposed, such as false musical instruments, etc., but not the United States. This time, is to listen to a sense of dominance, rather than high-fidelity playback-led, according to their own understanding of music with a reasonable match.

But classical music is completely different. What is classical pursuit? The first is "true", the sound of the instrument must be true. Cymbals to be crisp, drums to feel the drums of the vibration, the violin to feel the texture of the strings, high frequency leisurely and not sharp, string to sweet. When we were saying: "The violin's texture is good," it means "it's like a violin." When we say, "The cymbals have a good texture," that is, "it's like it really." Musical instruments are not allowed, then your understanding of the music will naturally have a problem. The second is the "sound field and the knot", a large concert hall recording, a variety of instruments if crowded in a pile, or the phenomenon of instability, not thick, beats by dre easy positioning of the instrument, high and low distance, Can not understand the composer, conductor and band's intention. The third is "analysis", this thing is like a camera, the higher the more details of the pixels, the sound of each instrument to try to analyze out, or hear the things are incomplete, the music can be correct? The fourth is the "speed, dynamic and strong contrast", the speed without any words, the relationship between dynamic and strong on the big, the general pop music volume is almost the same, but the maximum sound of classical music is very large gap, a headset system Both can show Jingtao shore of the momentum of large dynamic, but also beats by dre studio to show the breeze brush Liu delicate, is a good system. The fifth is the "overall balance", including high school low frequency and vocal music balance, poor balance, such as low frequency, may listen to rock will feel, moving times, cool, but this beats by dre wireless is not a "right Sound ", nor is it a correct understanding of music. A sharp-tempered violin that no one would feel nice.