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What is the meaning of what is moving iron headphones

What is the meaning of moving iron headphones? May be a lot of friends have not heard of the term moving iron headphones, but also heard but do not know what kind of specific headphones. Simply put, moving iron headphones because the unit is much smaller, so you can easily into the ear canal. This approach effectively reduces the area of ??the ear portion that can be placed in the deeper ear canal portion. For the traditional headphones the most significant effect beats headphones is to ensure better sound quality. The sensitivity of moving iron headphones is higher than that of traditional moving coil, mainly because the structure of moving iron unit is almost a closed container structure, a little bit of current can drive it, here should pay attention to the relationship between sensitivity and resistance. It is because of the high sensitivity, moving headphone transient performance better, the dynamic performance of music, instantaneous details of the performance, the sound density is far better than the dynamic ring earplugs.

The frequency response curve of moving iron headphones is more stable. Moving headphones in different temperatures, humidity and the use of the process, the frequency response curve will appear some audible changes. While the movable iron is showing good stability, so that the sound quality is more stable and reliable, easy to change. A very important reason is that the moving iron unit is almost entirely made of metal material, through the high precision mold forming. Moving headphones are smaller and lighter. This is determined by the characteristics of the moving iron unit. The weight of the movable iron increases linearly with the increase of the unit diameter. Therefore, the moving iron is more suitable for use in the smaller ear earplugs and can not be made open Or semi-open earplugs. This is why why moving iron technology is now only used in ear earbuds.

Moving headphones help protect hearing. As mentioned earlier, moving iron earplugs generally have good sound insulation, and very high sensitivity so that a small volume can also have a good performance, so in a more noisy environment do not have to increase the volume you can enjoy the pure sound. Moving iron unit is widely used in medical, health, aviation, military and other fields, more common with hearing aids.