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What is a good sound real headset fever with gratitude

First, the advantages of headphones, shortcomings

Choose headphones to listen to music, cheap beats by dr dre first, do not affect others, can be alone music, but also anytime, anywhere to listen to music, timely music.

Compared with the use of speakers to listen to music, headphones shortcomings are: no matter how good the earphone sound field is not as natural as the speaker, headphones to listen to music is the ear to enjoy, listen to music is the whole body and mind to enjoy, more relaxed and comfortable. But the speaker to listen to the environment requirements, such as listening to the requirements of the room, the environment constraints, late night listening to the speaker, disturbing people will cause public outrage, but the speaker is the shortcomings of listening to music.

Second, talk about the headset from the diet

Eat first have a good appetite, good appetite, eat it incense. No good appetite, no matter how delicious, no interest. Listen to music with headphones, first of all have a love of music, as long as the music has a hobby, even the most resistant to the equipment also listen to drunk. Do not like music, no matter how good the headphones, but also deaf ears - furnishings. Just as money can buy food, but can not buy good appetite, money can buy the best headset, but can not buy the love of music. As the headphone shop to work the buddy, face the headset may be no interest; and if the library administrator, if you do not love reading, the face of knowledge of the ocean, there is no idea of ??swimming in the sea, often walking at the beach, foot. Another example is the palace of the eunuchs, all day in the beauty pile of mixed, that is not excited

Three, music, sound source, headset

According to their own type of music to choose the headset, if you like pop music big headphones may sound more comfortable, if you enjoy the music, classical music can choose some of the high-end headphones, audio source with a walker is not suitable, less.

Fourth, the headset should be tolerant of the heart

Headphones as a tool to enjoy music, limited to the price, it is inevitable that such a shortcoming, then how do we correctly understand the headset The headset is nothing more than music, and if there is no music, its existence value approaches zero. So we want to love music, with a sense of attitude to play headphones. For music lovers, as music is an indispensable part of life, while playing headphones, but hope to pursue the perfect realm of music, hear the touching music. We have to know their taste of appreciation, to find the most economical, suitable headphones. We understand that life is full of compromise, headphones hard to find perfect, although we pursue perfection, but we have a rational heart, on their own ability and financial resources to play good headphones. There is a sense of appreciation of music is emotional, the pursuit of equipment should be rational. Equipment is just a tool to listen to music is the real purpose, if not really love music, play for a while, burn back, may give up, which shows that you love the music is not deep enough.

Fifth, the balance is the principle of headset with

We all know that a penny of goods beats by dre sale of the truth, put more of course you can buy high-level equipment, to obtain good sound effects, but what is good, and the scene than it? And then advanced equipment is not say that 100% of the original sound to reproduce, not to mention a lot of fever friends in the shy, so according to their economic strength, carefully selected with equipment, get cost-effective listening equipment, to achieve input and listening The headset Hi-Fi for a system engineering, CD machine, amp, headset need to be good, to cheap beats avoid weaknesses, the level should be balanced, there is no obvious lame, to achieve a beats by dre cheap balanced equipment with. What is a good voice, high school low frequency of the distribution should be uniform, excessive smooth, so voice moist, full, relaxed, to balance the sound.