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What are the issues that need to be noticed for recording chorus sites?

Even if there are many kinds of live chorus, whether there is sound, whether there is video, or even a light ... ... there are sound reinforcement: look at the Grammy bar, basically one is a headset microphone, because in the sound reinforcement system Can not use the field microphone, howling and can not guarantee the signal to noise ratio and return are the problem. Do not tell me what the stars Avenue, ah, that microphone is beats by dre on sale like, are false singing, with the player life experience is a way. My classmates just to do the Chinese version of the cat's sound reinforcement, are also wearing, 96-way mixer full, not a place to do the program with the Central Taiwan like, wait for the two-way fake singing a few hosts Microphone, broadcast also monaural (set-top box is the gospel, and finally the TV audio signal pulled out of the wild period). No sound reinforcement: no sound of the way close to the concert pickup. The basic use of standard pickup, the main pickup, through the live sound system to restore the status of the scene, if the empty field recording, you can use AB such full point system, if the audience and the stage is not far from the audience, then basically Will use the composite system to ensure the signal to noise ratio, such as ORTF or DIN this category. For LIVE program coherence and signal to noise ratio is always higher than the sound quality. The so-called primary and secondary pickup is a secondary microphone, with lead singer and so on the program is very helpful. But MIX time to pay attention to too much.

For the need for monophonic broadcast program will basically use XY, MS this type of strength difference system, if the middle part is very important, then more inclined to MS, because there is a microphone off the axis of the problem, XY system under the middle of the sound The microphone is not only guaranteed by adjusting the ratio of M and S, and the spindle of the M microphone is facing the middle part, and the sound quality is more guaranteed. Such as lights, lights on the recording generally have three effects, one is the transformer on the microphone electromagnetic interference will bring hissing, almost impossible to solve in the beats by dre field, the second is itself will be issued a hiss, you can through the microphone distance, axial And so on to solve part of the third is the power crosstalk, from the high-power power supply caused by alternating current distortion, the relatively good solution, as much as possible when the lights and audio can not get through the gate, and equipped with beats by dre studio the essence of power can be avoided most. A larger recording problem is usually asked not to affect the screen, so try to use the rack, using a smaller microphone. Microphone placement also has a beats by dre sale lot of play, such as how to hide the microphone frame.