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Walkman development history

Listening to music is a painting of mood, people relaxed mood, listening to music can also be hypnotized, and now there are many people need to listen to music to sleep, so music has become an indispensable part of our lives. That small series would like to ask you, what is the first music player you listen to music? Is the radio? Or Walkman? Speaking of Walkman, I believe that after a lot of 80 and 90 after the staff have had a four four square need to put the cassette Walkman it But with the development of science and technology, this original Walkman has gradually disappeared in the market, or in a more innovative gesture in our lives, the following to see has been accompanied by our music player Evolution history, together to nostalgia it.

Record machine, this is still very little when I met, should be in the age of three or four, when the family has no beats by dre studio electricity, so certainly not plug the use of electricity, should be put the battery and the like, was the most listening The world is only my mother is good, and I still remember that there are many records, and this is exactly the same, but was too small, then the record machine did not know where to lose, this is my time to listen to music to record the machine The

Radio, large tape drive, this time, seven or eight years old, was married to send this, the radio is not the frequency, but slowly along the pointer to go, until there is a clear broadcast location, play tape songs, two Put the tape. When the child often both sides play spoof.

Junior high school stage, that is, a few years it, the traditional large tape drive narrowed into a Walkman, then in the study need to listen to English, so simply took a father bought a, in fact, not specifically to listen to English, mainly to listen Song, find an excuse. Almost all the people in the class, you can not in the waist handsome cool.

MP3 this is the rise in high school, the beginning or long, you can hang in the neck to listen to songs, then see someone else's neck hanging do not know what, I still remember to put the battery at the time, and The capacity is only a hundred trillion, the price of seven or eight hundred, of course, this is the rich plaything, and later slowly with the charge, large capacity, and then to MP4 can see the video, insert the memory card, how many songs can be put Of the next, it is important that the price is not so expensive, of course, not a few years on the decline. Now the Walkman is the phone, and its appearance, but also MP3 and MP4 the root causes of decline, when the phone has no music player features, mobile phone or key, MP3 and MP4 are quite popular until The emergence of intelligent machines Some smart phones put the music player and video player functions are implanted in the phone, the achievements of the current smart phone, of course, now more and more perfect mobile phone, Walkman is now almost a staff, Listen to songs to see the video, the Internet are together, and now use the phone to listen to the song accounted for a large part of it, it should be said that more than 90 percent of it, after all, the phone must be a hand, and listen to music just incidentally, Mobile phone is now an indispensable part of it, perhaps in the future only the phone function into other things, then the Walkman on the phone will be a termination of it? Obviously impossible. After all, the phone's audio decoder or a certain limit.

Some of the pursuit of relatively high sound quality, that is, a little bit of sound quality requirements of the grade is not the same, so only like some manufacturers for the pursuit of higher sound quality, focus on the music player, that is now called HIFI player , Of course, this is not just a player, but also can be used for the amp, and now most people will not use this, but if you want to listen to the real lossless music, enjoy the fun of music, and only professional Of the HIFI player can be satisfied, because the phone is not a professional player, the sound resolution is not enough, even if it is a good headset, but also achieve that effect. Perhaps everyone think that mobile phone songs have been enough, it is because the enthusiasm of the music is not enough, like cell phone camera and SLR camera, the pursuit of each person is not the same, the results are not the same, the development of science and technology And the improvement of living standards, will lead to the pursuit of people getting higher and higher. The future of the music player, must be a professional HIFI level player, not only that, but also need a good headset, the saying goes, good horse with a good saddle is the truth. The emergence of smart phones, Walkman not only will not be an end, but a challenge to the beginning.