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Traditional headphones to the development of skull conduction headphones can be replaced?

We know from a very young age that the most voices that people hear in their daily lives are caused by air vibrations. Likewise, sonic waves can also cause other things to vibrate, including those that look very solid. Because of this, we are very familiar with the story: when Beethoven deaf, he bite a wooden stick on the piano to hear the sound of the piano - this story is unfounded, beats by dre on sale but at least it pointed out that we now See the principle of bone conduction headphones.

The traditional headphones are of course through the headphones to pass the sound to our ears, but the distance is much closer than the ordinary speakers. Traditional headphones directly to the sound into the ear canal, but the bone conduction headphones but find a more direct access than that - your bones. In other words, the sound directly through the skull into the inner ear and the brain. This idea seems very crazy, in fact, really effective.

Why is it possible to pass the sound directly into the inner ear through the bones? Our auditory system can be divided into three parts: collection, conduction and receiving, respectively, corresponding to the external ear, tympanic membrane and listen to the beats by dre cheap small bone, and the inner ear. From the above principle we can see that bone conduction headphones can almost skip the first two steps, directly to the receiving part, that is, the inner ear. In this way, even if the sound does not go through the ear canal, then there is no problem.

What is good bone conduction headphones?

If you want to say how good bone conduction headphones, the most obvious of course it is a unique listening experience. Sound directly into the inner ear, means that no matter how the outside world noisy, can not stop us to hear the sound of bone conduction headphones released. But at the same time, the outside voice is still able to clearly pass into the ear, a bit like the feeling of both no interference. Because of this, early cheap beats by dr dre bone conduction technology is military technology, is to be in the complex battlefield can also ensure that the sound of hearing the newsletter.

This wonderful sense of listening will also play a big role in the city. Whether it is to go out to practice running, or riding, or just simply walk shopping, many people are now used to wearing headphones travel. This habit is in fact a certain risk, because the ordinary headphones to a certain extent, isolated from the ambient noise, coupled with the music itself will let us distracted, triggered the size of the accident is not uncommon.

Even when we listen to music in a relatively safe subway or bus, the noisy environment will make people can not help but increase the volume. Needless to say that we all can understand that long-term listening to the headset in a large volume of hearing damage will be how much. These are not a problem for bone conduction headphones. Because you can hear both the music, but also to hear around the "such as" Ah Mei you see how the man how to wear headphones ah "sound.

In addition, bone conduction headphones in a sense can also be more clean than the traditional headphones, because it does not require you to plug the ear canal into the ear canal, it is more beats earbuds likely to lead to dirt accumulation and congestion and other issues, the movement is even more so The If your ear canal is not suitable for earplugs, wear a long time will hurt, bone conduction headphones can also avoid such problems.