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To solve the headset line to accept a small coup, since so amazing!

Now there are a lot of people like to use the headphones to listen to songs, then call, and when used out, after using the headset line into a pack into the bag, but there is a biggest problem is to take out again, the headset line are Messy, coupled with a random pull together, stuck with other things, it is easy to pull the headset line bad, so how to install the headset line has become a problem. Finger Winding Method!

Fingers into the gun shape, biubiubiu ~ the headphone cable cross-winding, winding the end of the plug will be tied, and then inserted from one end, gently pull on the ok ~ use this method into the bag inside the pocket is very convenient The Xiaobian suggested that the baby can go out with this method ~

Storage Box!

The storage box we all know that drip ~ because it is very common drop, Xiao Bian suggested in the office or school can use this cheap beats headphones method in order to organize convenience, save space ~ ~ but into the storage box of the law you have to find good listen listen method

We must be skeptical about the listening key, the above two can understand, because life is common sense is too simple, but what is the listening method and how to accept it?

First Xiaobian first to introduce this listening key, which is a more suitable for any scene, so that the wired headset seconds change the line headphone, easy to get rid of the headset line of the shackles, and any headset can be connected. Because we all know that the store is very simple to say, but after you use it again, still long lines, wandering in the chest, there are many small trouble, the above Xiaobian said finger winding and storage box two Kind of methods are limited to after use, and listen to the key is used before and after can be used to accept Oh