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Thunderstorm when wearing headphones why the Internet will be lightning

All along, under the tree shelter by lightning, listening to MP3 by lightning, rain hit the phone was lightning and other similar events often see the newspaper. However, thunderstorm days in the room where the Internet will be struck by lightning, so many people have had a similar move a lingering fear. So, thunderstorm days in the room can wear headphones online? What other behavior is easy to be struck by lightning? Explanation: The key lies in the surrounding environment where the lack of scattered trees beats headphones on sale and other objects

?A headphone line even in the thunder of the weather to become a threat to life? "Thunder when I usually do not mistake the Internet, wearing headphones do not mistake ... ..." So, rainy days in the end can not wear headphones?

Thunderstorm days clear "four do not" "six should not"

Four do not

Indoor staff should do:

1. Do not open the doors and windows; 2. Do not use the shower to shower and touch the metal pipe; 3. Do not close to the electrical; 4. Do not call.

Six should not be

Outdoor staff should do:

1. should not enter the temporary hut, guard and other facilities without lightning protection facilities; 2. should not hide in the trees under the rain; 3. not in the wilderness to play umbrellas or carry shovels, holding beats headphones on sale fishing rods, golf Rods and other objects; 4. not at the water or water and land at the junction of operations, such as fishing, boating, swimming, etc .; 5 should not be outdoor ball activities; 6. should not stay in the top of the building, such as roofs.

Computer or TV and other equipment, there is no external protection measures, when it was hit by lightning, the beats by dre wireless current may be connected to the brain along the headphones. Two questions

Can I wear a headset on a plane when thunder

There are friends made a very the problem: thunder, the aircraft can wear headphones?

Here, we will not discuss the thunder when the plane will not fly in the minefield problem. As far as the aircraft itself is concerned, the safety regulations of the airplane route have made perfect demands on the anti-lightning measures of the aircraft. "In the flight of the aircraft is a strong immunity to lightning, the magnetic field has been much weaker inside .Therefore, in the aircraft wearing headphones should not be a problem." Wang Yun stressed that as long as living in a good lightning environment , Wearing headphones on life safety will not have an impact. Reporter Hu Huiyuan

Thunderbolt when the phone than the wired telephone security?

Now, online spread of a saying, do not hit the phone when thunder. So, this argument in the end right? "As for the phone will be hit by lightning, in fact, the same principle, not the phone itself, but in special circumstances caused by." Wang Yun explained that mobile phones and small metal cheap beats by dre objects will not attract lightning, people playing cell phone When the lightning hit just because they stood at the wrong place in the wrong place.

Perhaps many people can not think of, in fact, there are more dangerous than the phone invisible killer - cable, in the thunder when compared to the normal situation, will increase the risk of being struck by lightning. Wang Yun explained that the telephone line will be connected with the indoor and outdoor, outdoor objects are more likely to be hit than the indoor, if the telecommunications equipment or the surrounding objects were hit by lightning, the fire will be burned by the telephone line to the telephone caller.