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The sound has a noise to teach you a troubleshooting method

While we listen to music or watch movies, when enjoying, when the sound suddenly issued a sound of Zizi. This time what the mood is not, why the sound has a noise it? Sound how beats by dre studio to deal with noise how? 1, due to the problem caused by the source. 2, due to audio speakers burned to lead to sound playback when there will be noise. 3, due to the input and output line contact problems lead to significant sound noise. 4, the sound of the hardware problems caused the sound beats earbuds noise

1, if it is due to the sound source caused by the noise, we directly find another source try, with the exclusion of the exclusion of the problem of noise, where the sound source is a general refers to the player, songs, musical instruments and so on. 2, if it is the impact of the speaker burned, we can listen carefully that is a speaker, confirmed after the opening to remove the speaker has a sound that is not broken, so we can repair it, the easiest way is to use home vegetable oil Dripping into the trumpet copper ring, and then slowly with his amplitude a pressure of a loose to do a few times, know the feeling so smooth, after waiting for a while to install up, have returned to the previous feeling. But do not tear down the speaker, only bit by bit on the line, or your sound will be made you worse. 3, if the line is caused by the problem, then we first consider the line, but we do not know is the line of the problem, so we can try to repair it. Check the line to beats by dre studio see if there is a broken situation, and some then directly re-give him a look, re-wrapped around the tape. If not, that only check the connector, the connector is easy to go wrong, if it is plastic plastic head, then we only change it, then not beats by dre wireless ideal. If the metal we can repair their own, after finishing the test results one by one.

4, if it is a sound hardware problems, directly to find people repair slightly, or to buy a bar again For the pursuit of sound quality of the people, if the sound has a noise, then sent to the maintenance, then it will reduce the sound quality. So if the audio equipment to repair, then you still consider changing the new bar!