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The original headset needs this maintenance! I used to be a headset abuse!

Headphones is beats by dre studio an essential thing in everyone's life, like Xiaobian I like to listen to the song when the code word, usually like to wear a headset phone, mainly afraid of disturbing others. But Xiao Bian's headset is easy to bad, and later summed up a number of small ways to maintain headphones, I found that I was just a headset abuse ah! Summer hot, we often put sweat on the headset line, do not know the sweat has a corrosive effect, easy to corrosion of the headphones to accelerate the beats headphones aging wire. So a headset package is still very important thing! In addition to sweat, we have to keep the headphones away from magnets, magnetic objects and damp environments. Long-term close to the strong magnetic objects will reduce the magnetization of the headphone unit, reducing the beats solo sensitivity of the headphones. For a pair of headphones, the most vulnerable part of the wire, such as sudden pull will make the headset line is greatly damaged, but also on the headphones as a whole, voice coil and diaphragm and beats by dr dre other parts of the great damage. So we usually have to pay attention to avoid the headset line pull and beat and other injuries.

However, in view of the above problems in the Bluetooth headset is not there, because the Bluetooth headset is not root line: headset maintenance also need us more careful, this is really not a small problem.