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The origin of the music headset

Life, headphones can be seen everywhere, headphones from the invention to the present, but also with the continuous development of scientific and technological progress. But it's history and development may not have too much understanding, then today, followed by Xiaobian to look at those yellowing old photos it!

The world's first music headset was invented by a German scientist Eugen Beyer, who specializes in the research and development of "dynamic transducers", in an electronics company in Berlin. The young Bayer, in order to send the music to the ears of the people, in 1924, he will use the technology in the theater dedicated speakers and other similar equipment. August 18, 1937, Eugen Beyer (Eugen Beyer) on the theater speakers used in the dynamic ring transducer, applied to his invention of a miniature dynamic exchange of small speakers, and they Fixed on a thing that can be worn on the head, the sound directly to the human hearing beats headphones on sale organs - ears, the world's first moving ring headphones was born - BeyerdynamicDT48! That day, Bayer invited friends to Berlin's fever room to listen to opera "A ("Aida"). But friends came to the fever room, but saw the phonograph, but not the megaphone and the speaker of the trace. In the phonograph side, quietly lying on both ends of an earmime with an unknown thing, it will sing. From the earmuffs came the sound, not only the sound quality is very good, there is no phone noise, there is no low boring bronze drums and chirp chord sound, which is the most exciting performance of Aida. Even more surprising is that, DT48 headset bandwidth reached 16Hz to 20kHz proud of the specifications, the last century 30's technical conditions, this indicator is simply unimaginable, in this historic day, People witnessed the birth of the Beyerdynamic DT48 headset, creating a world record, the headset was called the Berlin card.

In beats by dre the 1930s, the German intelligence agency and the Gestapo were able to use it to detect other unbelievable sounds from other headphones, gaining a lot of valuable information. In 1950, Beyerdynamic launched the world's first stereo headphones - TD48S, once again a sensation in the world. It has made a milestone contribution to professional radio, recording and video recordings. To so many years later, Beyerdynamic still produces DT48 series headphones, but beats by dre studio instead switch to more advanced materials, is the world's longest sales headphones.

DT48 invention, to bring people a great surprise, affecting people's lives, people can from outside the concert hall to enjoy the original music. Now the headphones in addition beats solo to listening to music, but also lead the fashion trend, headphones become part of our lives, it will be with our personality, taste, and music space constantly changing, the development of the future of the headset is unpredictable!