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The correct use of headphones method, the volume should not be too large!

Now the use of headphones has been very common, and the type and pattern of headphones is more and more, what headphones, headphones, head earphones, capsules headphones ... ... all kinds. Everything has the interests of both sides, headphones are no exception, although the headset can hear a higher quality of music, and can not disturb the case of others to listen to music, but the headset with more of the ear is also harmful, In terms of how to choose the right choice and the use of headphones, enjoy the headset to bring the convenience and high-quality music at the same time, the headset damage to the ear and reduce to a minimum! 1, the first thing to say is the choice of headphones, for the impact of sound quality, ear headphones on the sound quality of the smallest damage to hear the sound quality is also better, three-dimensional sense is also stronger, followed by wearing headphones, but we The principle of the smallest damage to the ear or the proposed choice of headphones, so that both can hear the sound quality of good music, while the ear damage is the smallest, because the headset is relatively large, inconvenient to carry, many people will not To choose, then I can recommend to choose ear hanging headphones, although the sound quality to hear, three-dimensional sense of ear ear is not so strong, but the damage to the ears than ear earphones small. Therefore, in order to ears healthy, wearing headphones and ear hanging headphones are a good choice!

2, the second is to use the headset time can not be too long, the best one hour to rest for a while, do not make continuous.

3, with the headset when the volume beats by dre sale does not open too much, not only when the headset can not open too much volume, as long as listening to music, watching TV, even without headphones, the beats earbuds volume should not be too large, too large volume of the eardrum Damage is very direct, especially when the headset with too much volume, the damage to the eardrum is more serious!

??4, can not use headphones, try not to use headphones, which may seem a nonsense, as if everyone knows the truth, but I believe that certainly because of a variety of reasons, the use of headphones frequency is very high , So here is to say something! 5, and finally, and then I share a headset in beats by dre the process of reducing the secret of ear damage, that cheap beats is, two ears for ear plugs, only one side of the headset, not with the two sides together, so that no headphones Side can take a break!