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The Concept and Acoustic Principle of Line Array Speaker

The concept of line array speaker originated from the theory of linear sound source. "A line array is a set of acoustic radiation elements that are equal in amplitude and closely aligned with one line." An ideal line source consists of an infinite number of very small and continuous vibrating elements that make a cylindrical wave. This line of sound source has an unusual radiation characteristic, its sound pressure level attenuation in the distance of only 3dB, a point source to produce a spherical wave, its sound pressure level attenuation for the distance from the sound source Inverse relationship, 6 dB per second.

Unlike the infinite ideal line source, the cylindrical wave diffusion region of a finite long line source is also limited, and only in the near field, after a certain distance, the cylindrical wave front is gradually transformed into a spherical wave array Surface, that is, the transition to the far field, in the far field, the sound source is equivalent to a point source of the length and frequency of a line of sound source comparison of a point source benefits are as follows:

1, by the distance of the sound pressure level attenuation was significantly smaller, allowing the audience to have a higher sound pressure;

2, in the same site, the use of linear sound source than the use of point source has a more uniform sound field, close to the sound source where the sound beats by dre on sale source sound source is much lower than the sound source sound beats earphones pressure. This provides beats by dre on sale a better listening condition for the former district audience. Not behind the audience just right, in front of the audience has been unable to stand.

3, the linear sound source generated by the cylindrical wave front has a very strong vertical directivity, can make the sound energy concentrated cheap beats by dr dre in a certain area, so that even in the high reverberation environment can also provide a high degree of intelligibility.

A realistic line array system is different from the line source, which is composed of a dispersed cell array and has a limited length.

The key to determining whether a line array is correctly formed is whether the array is a continuous line source over the entire playback frequency range.