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Teach you to change the monaural Bluetooth headset into stereo

It is beats solo estimated that many friends have a single ear type of Bluetooth headset, when driving with the really very convenient to use. But more time to listen to songs, one ear filled with music, the other ear in another world, it is not comfortable. It is better to use the transformation, the stereo stereo, used to listen to music and more beautiful. This is like a transplant surgery, the operation object is a single ear Bluetooth headset, the donor is a stereo headset. Surgical tools need to be prepared: electric iron, screwdriver. With a small screwdriver to remove the headset screws and found inside the headphones are: battery, motherboard, monaural earphone wire through the shell of the small holes welded to the motherboard. Screwdriver to remove the fixed headset after the three small screws, and then electric spot welding in the wire on the motherboard of the cheap beats headphones solder joints, headphones and motherboards can be separated from the wire. Stereo headphone plug cut, peel off the insulation, expose the wire. Insert the wires from the original monaural earphone with the holes in the Bluetooth case and solder them to the motherboard of the Bluetooth headset. As the monaural Bluetooth headset only beats earphones two lines of output, so we need to look at the above and more channels and more position. If the Bluetooth manufacturers too costly, the motherboard is only one channel of the solder, then it will headphones and the two wires welded together. Need to use the universal table. The three wires of the headset are the ground line L (left channel) and the R line (right channel). Generally speaking, the ground wire is always connected with the negative pole of the power supply. After finding the ground wire, the other two are simpler and use the multimeter Of the diode stalls, beats earbuds one end of the pen in the ground just to find the soldering of the ground does not move, a table pen just in those just touch the solder joints, earbuds which side of the sound just that the solder joint is the channel which channel.

Headset welding success, restore the shell, and then find a collar folder folder, you can enjoy the music of the heart. Tips: To achieve true Bluetooth stereo, stereo stereo Bluetooth headset is not enough, you need your phone to support A2D stereo technology, or even both ears are sounded, it is nothing but "pseudo-three-dimensional."