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Teach you how to identify true and false original headphones

I believe that for the big guy, for the purchase of electronic products have original plot, even if there is no mind is also comfortable. Those seemingly worthless original headphones into the store will be doubled worth. In front of a large user base, everything is possible. You do not buy, does not mean that most people will not go to buy. It is because of this interest to drive, many bad businessmen to refurbished machine parts and then press the new sale has become a very common thing, and consumers want to buy cheap people. Even if the buyer found that online shopping is easy to return for his loss is only a little postage, sales every day so good, back one or two very normal; a lot of people due to face, recognize the plant and go to the passing of the number; More pit and not know, full of new machines to buy a happy mood.

Do not know, a few or startled, a small headphones from the visual point of view has been as many as seven different, and then may not be fully considered the high imitation, magnifying glass under the high imitation of the original. Ear shell decorated ear tube text catheter catheter this position is the whole pair of headphones flaw the biggest place. As the process is poor, high imitation of the mouth of the mouth of the catheter is not the rules, the edge of more flaws, the filter also need plastic structure support, ear shell interface has not been polished. In contrast, genuine headphones every detail to be structured many.

Inverted hole inconspicuous inverted hole is directly ignored by the high imitation headphones, after all, the cost of the first appearance of the second, high imitation of the sound of the headphones is naturally based on the level of sound can be like.

Ear ear ear structure is the most direct contact with the skin cheap beats by dr dre part, once the horses shoddy material, is likely to induce ear inflammation, the consequences are quite serious! Original headset material delicate, and in the light under the luster; The high imitation surface is more rough. Sub-line or that sentence, the details of the original headset processing more thoughtful, sub-line to add the corresponding small label, high imitation goods are not horse. In addition, the use of soft plastic material, and can form a certain bending; high imitation goods here for the plastic one molding, once the bending interface plastic even become broken wire The culprit

In fact, really want to identify whether the original headset is not difficult, the difficulty is not a standard in mind. All kinds of original headphones is actually a common feature, original headphones no matter how bad sound quality, work at least still can. As for the fake, a lot of details can not be compared with the original headset. Since you want to buy original headphones do not hold lucky psychological, if you find something wrong place, my heart still make a question mark better.