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Talking about the precautions for purchasing Bluetooth headset

Buy a Bluetooth headset should first pay attention to product quality and performance, such as the battery's battery life and strength, the level of radiation and so on. The general or poor quality of the Bluetooth headset, out of cost control, whether in the work, or materials can not be quality assurance, the actual use of the sound effect is poor, and the radiation is high.

conversation quality

Call quality is a measure of the quality of a Bluetooth headset basic quality parameters, under normal circumstances, the use of rod-style design of the Bluetooth headset, call quality than other types of products, sound fidelity higher.

Standby time

The daily use of mobile phones, headphones, the longer the battery, you beats by dre on sale can avoid the often charge of trouble, which is one of the criteria to measure the performance of Bluetooth headset.

Wear comfort

People's ears are more delicate, if the headset ear hanging material is not good, or there are some defects in the design, then wear a long time, it will produce discomfort. So before the purchase should be carefully checked, choose their own ear-shaped Bluetooth headset.

Buy Bluetooth headset, mainly for what to buy it? It depends on what you mainly use to do it - for language learning. Just use the lower price of the headset on the line to the earmuffs with volume adjustment as well, for listening to the news. Ordinary electromagnetic headphones can be. for listening to music. General to enjoy music, just buy mid-range machines, such as auscultation or headset headphones. If you enjoy high-quality music, you should not care about the price, buy high-fidelity headphones, such as high-quality moving coil, flat membrane or capacitive headphones. Which cost-effective BRD-type headphones for the first choice. easy to use. Wireless Bluetooth headset without connection, the use of extremely convenient, in addition to a radio with a headset, allows you to listen to all kinds of language and music programs. channel. Mono and dual-channel power amplifier equipment to be with a single, two-channel headphones.


When purchasing a Bluetooth headset, the most important question is whether the phone is compatible with the headset. Some Bluetooth headphones are not compatible with the phone, mainly because the specifications are different. Bluetooth headset has three major specifications --- HandfreeProfile (HFP) and HeadsetPro-file (HSP) and A2DP three. HFP stands for handsfree, and HSP represents headphone function. Consumers must first figure out what kind of specifications their phones support, and then select the appropriate Bluetooth headset pairing use. A2DP refers to the advanced audio transmission specifications, allowing the transmission of stereo audio signals, the quality is much better than the HFP and HSP.

HFP format Bluetooth headset support mobile phone function is relatively complete, consumers can operate on the headset phone redemption, call retention, call rejection and other hands-free option function. Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and other Bluetooth headsets are almost all to support the HFP format based. There are some models also support HFP and HSP. Such as send the United States special Bluetooth headset is A2DP format, compatible with HFP and HSP format, is the best format version.

Chip brand

Bluetooth headset chip suppliers are mainly three major companies, one of the British CSR company, the other is the United States Broadcom company, there is a Taiwan's creation of ISSC. Broadcom's products in the market accounted for more than 80% of the proportion.

Transmission distance

Bluetooth headset transmission distance is also more concerned about the issue. Bluetooth headset transmission distance and Bluetooth version has nothing to do, mainly depends on the advanced level of technology. PowerClass2 standard transmission distance of 10 meters; and upgraded PowerClass1 will transfer distance to 100 meters, and provide Hi-Fi stereo effect. In general, the distance between the phone and the Bluetooth headset will not be too far, compare the transmission beats by dre sale distance of about 2 meters to 3 meters.


Consumers buy Bluetooth headset, you will often see Bluetooth1.1, 1.2, 2.0 + EDR, 2.1 + EDR and other figures, numbers represent different cheap beats by dre specifications. Currently the 1.1 most common, 1.2 is the new mainstream, 2.0 is launched in 2006, 2.1 + EDR version, the latest is 3.0 is the mainstream, 4.0 is the latest Bluetooth headset technology, these figures represent the different versions, but also represents the headset Anti-jamming Bluetooth headset capability. Bluetooth version is different, about the quality of the received signal. The new version is more stressed to overcome the noise interference. The new version can be backward beats solo compatible, consumers should be measured when the purchase price and demand.


In addition to functional considerations, the appearance of Bluetooth headset and wear comfort is also the key consumers must pay attention to when buying. Everyone face different, the user before the purchase to try to wear comfort, and then shot to buy.