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Talking about the difference between music, games and ting headphones

First to explain the advantages and disadvantages of high-impedance headphones


?1. High-impedance headset system, high signal to noise ratio

Any amplifier circuit has a noise floor, that is, after the input short circuit, measured at the output with the instrument noise, it basically does not change with the volume beats by dre wireless knob position changes, in other words, this is a fixed voltage value. In this way, according to Ohm's law can simply come to the results:

High resistance: low noise power

Low resistance: noisy power

The use of onboard sound card to push down the anti-blocking machine friends certainly have deep experience.

?2. High-impedance earphones can minimize the negative impact of the midpoint DC offset potential of the amplifier

OCL circuit is the main structure of the power amplifier, and any one OCL in the input is zero, the output is not absolute zero. Careful friends will find that when you plug the headset beats headphones cheap plug into the power of the amp, you will hear the current impact. The amplifier exists in this midpoint offset expression for the voltage, usually the size of a few millivolts, I have encountered dozens of millivolts. The voice coil of the headset under this voltage will slightly offset its initial position beats solo in the magnetic gap, which causes the effective stroke of the headset to shrink, and the distortion increases. At the same offset voltage, the voice coil of the high impedance headset is relatively small.

?3. The same series of headphones high impedance version, the same number of voice coil lines but more fine, vibration system quality (inertia) to reduce the weak and fast signal to follow the ability to increase. Here, high resistance = high grade.

?4. From the amplifier distortion point of view: high-impedance headset load light, the relative work of the amplifier in the lower state of distortion, the sound quality.

?5. When there are some extreme, unexpected conditions, such as the amplifier failure, the volume knob suddenly opened, etc., high-impedance headphones have better tolerance, will not be burned.


?1. High-impedance headphones are more difficult to drive, with the portable portable device matching poor

Portable equipment, multi-purpose battery, low voltage; taking into account the battery life, the circuit's output power is limited. These conditions dictate that high-impedance headphones are more difficult to perform on these devices.

But in fact, the portable device is a patent for earplugs, almost missed with large diaphragm headphones. High impedance is not the only factor, not even the most important factor. The difficulty of driving the headset is determined in turn by the following factors:

Diaphragm area, the greater the more difficult to push;

Sensitivity (db / milliwatts);


Diaphragm area is ranked first. And the impedance at best played a "help Zhou" role.

?2. High-impedance headset voice coil turns more, line thin, bring some negative factors

Due to the number of turns, line thin, voice coil inductance and distributed capacitance rise, which will give the headset system to bring additional distortion;

As the line fine, the manufacture and assembly of the headset becomes difficult; in the humid environment, the high-impedance headphones are prone to the failure of the broken coil.

The tone of the game headset is important to hear the details of many games, such as the enemy's footsteps, the voice of the enemy's skills, the voice of his own teammates, and the voice of the voice of his teammates. The starting point and the music headphones are different. The vast majority of the game headset need to re-input their own audio information processing. beats headphones cheap Do not need to let the player hear all the special high-quality high school low frequency, and even often to suppress the low frequency, so that players can hear the high frequency signal. Low frequency signal is too easy for players to think that coax the same time can not hear the details of the player.

The game also pay special attention to the position, when playing fps type of game, you need to know, the enemy's gunfire from your left or right front, or else someone else with a knife to play dead, angry may not just headphones suffer The keyboard and the screen may be smashed.

So, what are the characteristics of ting headphones?

Monitor ting headphones are not added to the sound rendering (sound dye) headphones, is relative to the high-fidelity headphones, but it is different from the high-fidelity headphones, supervise ting headphones is equivalent to full fidelity. Through monitoring ting headphones, to hear the most close to the real, without any modification of the sound quality. It is widely used in DJ work, such as discs, recording studios, dubbing rooms, television stations, radio stations and MIDI studios.