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Talking about how to avoid the whistle of the sound equipment

Sound equipment in those cases will be issued a very sharp harsh sound? Such as when the microphone near the speaker when the harsh sound. I think this problem I beats by dre studio would like to try not to use the professional answer so that users can understand.

This harsh voice is called "whistle", or "feedback gain". The reason for this phenomenon is as follows:

the speaker in the sound characteristics of the existence of a frequency on the peak, such as the following figure.

The peak of the three red circles is the root cause of the whistle.

What happens to the peak? The microphone will continue to receive the peak, the sound on the non-stop playback of the peak, a second many times, the peak will be infinitely enlarged until the equipment damage so far.

input signal is too large, so that the sound cheap beats headphones out of the distortion led to howling. In the final analysis is a reason.

Well, this time to say how to solve this problem when the time.

use a good microphone and sound.

Why do you say that? Because the good sound and the microphone in the sound characteristics of the tune is very smooth, this beats earphones smooth is not that his curve is straight. But the waveform is too smooth and smooth slope. This will not produce a dressing filter will not have a narrow band of the peak, whistling naturally will rarely happen.

microphone as far as possible not too beats by dre on sale close from the sound and do not point to the sound. So even if there is some frequency of the whistle point can also be effectively avoided.

use the equalizer will be able to find the screams with equalizer down a few db down, so that the sound curve in the dress can be turned into a smooth waveform curve. This also reduces the chance of howling.

Basic These are enough to be used in everyday applications. Self-excited whistle I do not say, this one is to have a foundation, two is to be in the line to the manufacturers to do, will not produce self-whistle. So reverse phase offset and adjust the phase I do not speak.

Remember, good equipment is the foundation, careful, patience is also necessary. Sound system will be the sound division to do their own, men to be diligent.