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Talk about speaking with the sound quality of the argument are playing rogue

A complete set of listening system, is the sound source + front end + headset this combination. Seemingly very simple one thing, but in the actual operation of the time, indeed a very rough, because even the experience of the burning friends can not help but repeatedly with the test, and finally came out with a more satisfactory voice.

HIFI is not what the band is how good, HIFI the most important thing is to sound the overall balance. So in the system with the most important purpose is to the whole system out of the sound "balance", and then on the basis of this balance on the music taste and music style. And listening system every link is critical, including power lines and so on. So listen to the match, to achieve beats by dre wireless a balance, the most trouble is that every link are selected quasi-HIFI brand products. Because the real quasi-HIFI brand products, for those who will not match the primary Shaoyou, at least the final out of the sound will not be bad where to go. For example, we use five or six thousand level of the amp, with hundreds of dollars, beats solo "Huyou card" signal line, and then said a certain classic headphones sound is rubbish; or with a "flick card" amp, use quasi-HIFI HD600 headphones, and then out of the sense of hearing is low frequency is very poor, and finally feel HD600 low frequency is obviously poor; then HD800S, I feel that the beats headphones on sale headphones where the value of 10,000 it The reason for this, the most important thing is with.

Moreover, not much do not beats by dre cheap explain that, hifi headset in the match, it is best to burn well, or the final out of the sound is certainly different, especially the high profile type of headphones. With a set of satisfied listening system, is not very simple. Want to really HIFI, it is necessary to learn to focus on the basic system of "balance", the balance we can play symphonic test. Finally, we also need their own rational fever, in their own economic range to choose their own sound source system, do not let the music finally lost the fun.