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Sports music and headphones more Oh

Enjoy the sweat of the movement of pleasure, but also want to enjoy the beloved dynamic music, this time you need is a mad rejection, anti-sweat anti-super sports special headphones. Double eleven sports headset discount storm struck, do not hurry to take advantage of this time to a dynamic music and the world's best sports encounter? Here Xiaobian give you professional sports headset recommended, so that your ears whirring sound evolved into dynamic music, together in the end. Metal resonant cavity, natural permeability, more explosive, suitable for sports music strong storm, the formation of more shocks and powerful sound. Black gold carved luxury texture, fine sandblasting, high-light cut, always feel the luxury of the king of the gas. Dual system intelligent wire control, easy beats by dre studio to portable. To control every process, strict testing, 100% brand protection. Sports professional hanging ears, do not fall off, free to run. Cool four-color optional, wonderful light youth. Scratch-resistant surface treatment technology, strong subwoofer is the movement of people's casual companion, want to listen cheap beats headphones to listen, simple and easy to use.

?Sporty metal high-fidelity headphones, high pitch, midrange sweet, bass strength Super compatible with the market ninety-nine percent of the equipment, quality of life, cool temperament, sports and music wonderful combination of industry-renowned designers lasted one year, the product comfort to adjust the achievements of today's quality. Sports up, enjoy the music, the liberation of both hands, the German original design, titanium diaphragm, voice Piao worship, wanted to bass gun into the ears. Anti-sweat friction material, low noise silicon wheat, clear voice, high-capacity battery, continued artifacts. High-definition sound quiet to enjoy the world. True high-definition sound quality, the use of CSR4.1 chip audio processing cheap beats headphones technology, true stereo, sound through the surround, intelligent to reduce the loss, ceramic antenna signal strong and stable. Unique cavity, high-definition distortion, so that music has a sense of space, more vigorous. Better overall sound effects.

?For the movement and students, professional running headphones, crazy rejection, music endless. 4 waterproof standards, high-capacity battery long life, enjoy. Fifteen degrees designed ear hanging, close to the ear without pain, aerospace metal composite diaphragm, restore the real scene experience. Heavy bass movement headphones, metal cavity high value, to the more, it is better to understand you. Make you amazing bass experience, diaphragm effective area greatly improved, to achieve full strength of the sound. Three hundred and sixty degrees double surround sound field, sound and magnetic, sound bright, explosive power. Anti-off new ear hanging design, light auricle without pressure, continuous songs 4 hours, sound stability signal strong. Comfortable and reliable, rejection are cheap beats by dr dre rejection can not afford. Oblique ear design, more comfortable than the whole ear, wear a long time do not hurt. No fear of sweat, enjoy the movement, can not stop the rhythm.