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Share the harm of a pair of headphones, you know?

So, you and your lover can kiss or bed together, but it is best not to use the cheap beats same pair of headphones. The earplugs are the breeding ground for bacteria, and the sound insulation is better, but also more conducive to beats solo bacterial growth. This headset usually penetrates into the ear, blocking the outside air and noise into the same time, but also in the ear to form a warm and humid closed environment, so vulnerable to bacterial or fungal infection. If you often swim or sweat easily, the situation will be worse (or do not sweat dripping while running, while wearing a headset to listen to music).

Improper use of headphones can cause diseases? The most common symptoms are otitis media, adolescents and children need to be extra careful. Sharing headphones or beats earbuds using unclean headphones may also lead to ocular fungus, otitis externa, ear mites, skin pustules, pimples and ugly blackheads. In the flu season and the high incidence of enteroviruses need to be particularly careful. At least once a week for the headset disinfection, carefully clean up attached to the above dirt and bacteria. When not in use, put it in a clean box. If you have to have a public headset with someone else, use it before and after you have to clean it immediately. First wipe the sticky dirt and ear feces residue, and then dipped in sterile cheap beats by dre alcohol cotton or cotton ball wipe the headset. But be careful not to damage the internal lines of the headset.