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Quietly appreciate the active noise reduction headset market situation

Noise-free headset products has always been a headset market is not a mainstream product category, but for many consumers and users have used for this product also has a very good impression.However, active noise reduction headphones in the former A few years have been a variety of manufacturers have been almost monopoly of the situation, and the price of such products have been very expensive, for the noise reduction of the market, very few low-priced products, and Domestic manufacturers have not been able to enter the market and these big brother manufacturers to snatch this piece of fat for the noise reduction headset market, it has been tepid, I believe that many frequent travel packages will have such a package Headphones products, for long-distance travel and flight, the noise reduction headset can be said to be a necessary partner, even if you do not appreciate the music is only open noise reduction function is also helpful to sleep, but have to admit that as people income Of the increase, for the active noise reduction headset this has been a small minority of small products in the attention has been getting higher and higher, the author has recently been a lot of friends asked what kind of noise reduction headphones good , Low price or high cost, I can be considered "forced" attention to the initiative to noise the headset market, today that the sense of presence is beats solo not strong but the demand for more and more markets because of noise reduction headphones The principle is generally a closed headset plus a microphone to collect external sound in the speaker side of the reverse phase of the sound to offset the noise.But these cheap noise reduction headphones is likely to not have this function, just a simple Of the closed headphones, and as a closed design, these headphones themselves have a good physical sound insulation effect, but this noise and noise reduction headphones bring the effect is completely different.

For these high-end manufacturers of beats by dre wireless products, if you are not a mess of consumers, it is obediently go to the store to buy it, after all, this can best guarantee the quality of the goods, but the power of the platform for a variety of reasons Low-priced products is best not to try, and buy the possibility of genuine almost zero.A variety of big-name active noise reduction headphones in terms of price can not cheap beats by dr dre be said to be too approachable, but the problem is that even in the low-end positioning Active noise reduction products, it is not very cheap can buy the market in the active active noise reduction headset even in the low-end positioning prices are also in the range of several hundred dollars, one or two hundred of the price is almost no To the domestic product for the noise reduction headset, the basic still in the initial stage, but there have been some products, but for consumers to accept the ability or not strong, in fact, the main reason is that the price There is no big and manufacturers and what is the gap.For noise reduction headset products, high-priced products have gone through the test of the market, and the optional product is not much. More consumers, and is not able to accept beats headphones cheap such a price to buy a headset.