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Protect your ears - wear earphones to listen to music where you need attention

We often go to get off work on the road, or sports fitness, like wearing headphones to listen to music. However, if you do not have a good habit in your daily songs, it may take a long time to cause our hearing to be impaired. So, in the enjoyment of music to bring us pleasure at the same time, to maintain a good habit of listening songs, it becomes necessary. First, the choice of headphones We wear headphones, for some friends who do not pursue sound quality, may be beats by dre the choice for the headset is not so picky, often feel casually buy a can listen to, but this is precisely incorrect. Poor sound quality headphones for hearing damage is often greater. May buy a headset when you save a sum of money, but the future damage to the health of hearing is not money can be restored.

Second, the volume is too large

We often hear around the friends with the headphones when singing the sound, so that, in addition to disturbing others, their own hearing will suffer serious damage, and is irreversible. If there is tinnitus or auditory hallucinations, then you have to pay attention. General volume adjustment to the headset volume of the middle file is appropriate.

Third, inappropriate occasions

Often see a lot of friends driving songs or listening to the song while watching the phone cross the road, this is a very dangerous behavior.

So, for your driving safety, what songs to listen to when driving is also need to pay attention. Rhythm is too strong, melody too passionate music (metal, rock, etc.) is not suitable for listening to the car. You can listen to some rhythmic soothing, melodious music, such as rhythmic cheerful pop music, string music and so on.

Four, too much to pursue bass

Many people in the purchase of headphones when the bass for the headset is very important, which went into a misunderstanding that bass good headphones is a good headset, but it is not the case.

Headset bass performance accounted for only 30% of the headset sound quality, the remaining 70% including IF and high frequency.

Five, listening time

Every day we use the headphones to listen to the time is also to pay attention. According to the provisions of the time health organization, the length of time to listen to music and headphones is the number of decibels.

In general terms, at 85 dB below, the cost of music is 8 hours; 90 dB is 2 hours and 30 minutes; 95 dB is 47 minutes; when the sound reaches 100 dB, the safe song time is only 15 minutes. It should be noted that, once beyond the provisions of the song time, it will be our hearing and even the brain, causing long-term damage.