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Precautions for the installation of headphones dust plugs

Headphones dust plug is the last two years of the product, as it is able to play dust and protection works, beats by dre sale it seems that there is no authoritative argument. Most of the time, headphones are stuffed with a decorative effect. Since you beats by dre studio can not know the cheap beats headset dust plug in the end can play a dust-proof function, then we beats solo use it in the decorative time, there is also need to pay attention to the place, that is, do not trade-off, in order to decorate the effect of improper selection of inappropriate defense Dust, damage to the phone. In the purchase of headphones dust plug, it is recommended not to choose too heavy, too heavy dust plug in the swaying time, its force may damage the headphone hole itself, resulting in poor headphones;

Do not choose a sharp corner of the ear plug, so as not to scratch the phone;

Finally, it must be noted that the headset plug is not easy to break, if not accidentally plug the outer part of the plug with the plug hole, the result is very sad reminder, your phone needs to repair Oh ~ really bad luck This happened!