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Personalized the inevitable way, custom headphones into a new outlet

In general, expensive headphones, the appearance of more or less people will have some special feeling. Of course, high-end Well, no matter what field of products, manufacturers will rack their brains to make some tricks to come. However, no matter how fiddle, but also will eventually have the rules can be found, and will not be very extreme, but some of the dead dead hair ear, your appearance is strange? This kind of headset has a collectively: custom! On the current status of the entire digital market point of view, personalized seems to be the trend of the times. And earplugs because the singer pay attention to the sake of specialization, early on the private custom road. Of course, later gradually been cheating friends of the eyes and the endless experience of the demands, and become a "universal" custom.

The fundamental cornerstone of customization is: ear contours vary from person to person, of course, can also inject their own personal aesthetic preferences. In order to fully match with the user's ear canal, which will be based on the user's signature to produce. So custom headphones more fit the user's ears, wearing cheap beats experience is certainly more comfortable. Of course, on the other hand, because the fit so the sound insulation will be good. The personalized appearance, such as headset side of the pattern set, is the stir or subtle, or elegant or rough? Can be customized. Or the whole shell of the color, material, and even the shape of beats headphones on sale the shell, and finally create a dedicated personality headphones. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturers will provide some patterns for the user to choose, too complex pattern of its price will be higher accordingly. But since the purpose of customizing the headset is to be different, a lot beats headphones on sale of friends or very much wish to spend more money.

So the problem came, custom headset spent a big price is just a picture of the appearance of it? So expensive, the sound should be more or less should be different with the conventional headset, right? Indeed, you can customize your own voice according to your listening preferences. In theory, custom headphones are more concerned about the sound of the "real", we all know, high-frequency energy is easy to decay, but the ear canal Erzhi easy to cause greater loss of sound quality, general in-ear style earphones will bring ear plugs, or even three set. But a long time to wear will cause the ear canal is not adaptable, and even pain. Custom headphones do not need ear jackets, there is no such problem. Some custom can be two curved to the loss of sound quality to a minimum Because of the unique advantages of custom headphones, many big singers are willing to spend heavily to build their own exclusive earplugs, which cheap beats by dre is the common "ear back." But the past two years, many headphones have also joined the customization of the team, I believe that with the increase in demand, custom headset prices will be greatly reduced, you will "personalized" pay?