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On the importance of game headphones to the game itself

Now a lot of games need voice, communication between teammates is very important, such as the popular need to communicate between his teammates, which is of course between the powerful game headphones. Many opportunities to see this opportunity, and strive to develop a competitive gaming headphones. Gaming gaming headset has been launched for a long time, no doubt today's gaming headphones from the original PC headset developed from the game for a special optimization, to now many people have already accepted this A concept, at the same time some of the mainstream game peripherals manufacturers have also launched their own gaming headphones. Compared to the traditional headset, gaming or gaming headphones are relatively cool appearance, many have the lighting effect, at the same time, many of today's products also have a multi-channel sound, you can simulate a strong In order to highlight the shock of the scene, many headphones are focused on strengthening the low frequency, as the headset equipped with the same microphone, for the game to enhance the need to communicate when the pickup effect, not Low-end products also have a decent noise reduction capabilities. There are many game headphones in the interface is also different from the traditional PC headset, because you need to join a number of surround effects, light effects and the like, at the same time the PC is also used in a variety of sound cards in the high-end gaming headset More effects are almost all selected with a custom sound card or DSP chip, and some integrated in the earmuffs inside, and some simply choose the external, so there are many beats by dre cheap headphones are using a USB interface.

The current market gaming gaming headset has long occupied a place, casually open an electric business page search will find that in the sale of the brand, quantity, price, many headphones in the publicity or product introduction which will have to enhance the game experience , Accurate sound positioning, etc., perhaps at first glance will make people think that the game headset is to force, but the actual experience but found that may not be so magical, at the same time, some people often listen to music also found such headphones The sense of listening performance does not seem like music headphones, in the eyes of many people think that the game headset seems to be some flashy, just off the cool headset. For a look of the party, many of the game headphones cool appearance and light effect is enough to attract them, but if you pay attention to headphones or pragmatism, the game headset does not seem how practical, just a look of goods only, But is that really the case? As the headset designed for a variety of games, compared to listen to the traditional music headphones, their focus is on the game when the sound effects, through a variety of post-processing to bring a better telepresence, compared to speakers, headphones in the Sound field is always some congenitally deficient, for the game which shock performance may not be as obvious as the speaker, a lot of game headset through the late sound to enhance the sense of surround, a small part of the high-end products simply use a multi-unit design, direct realization of the physical multi-channel The Although a lot of effective sounds really good, but ultimately will be beats solo limited by the hardware itself, in order to bring home theater that effect is not realistic. In addition to stand-alone masterpiece, a lot of gaming games also need real-time communication, so the headset is naturally preferred, the game headset which also beats by dre studio has a considerable part of the game to build, and PC stand-alone masterpiece, gaming games for headphones have different needs, The necessary microphones to meet real-time communication, FPS also need to sound positioning, so we have a lot of gaming headset which also saw the sound to enhance the sound positioning. Game communication, microphone fidelity is not critical, but must ensure a clear pickup effect, so the necessary noise reduction function is needed, in addition to software implementation, the multi-microphone physical noise reduction design is also used.

In fact, many of the functions of the game headset in a sense is indeed a seasoning, changing the original nature of the sound, like the post-processing of the photo, but sometimes it is necessary, for example, in order to see some Fuzzy details, excessive sharpening is very useful, and the game headphones in the sound also made a similar move, for some important some of the sound to highlight, through various means beats by dre to enhance the surround effect, to ensure that the microphone pickup effect, Everything can not have both, in the promotion of certain aspects at the same time, but also make the sound becomes not natural enough to become less suitable for listening to music. Game headset is a highly targeted product, with many unique features, although so, would like to rely on headphones to enhance the level of the game is unrealistic, the game headset features can only play a supporting role only, the most important thing is the player Own oneself.