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Not metaphysical top headphones why are open?

Some people say that the headset is a metaphysical, the so-called analysis, sound field, separation, knot, etc. on the sense of listening to the description, but the headset manufacturers to confuse consumers only means, in the end be considered a good The headset has to rely on their own ears to identify ... Nowadays, the headset has become our daily life essential equipment, whether it is suitable for outdoor use in the ear or indoor use of the headset, the overall needs The number of people have been in the trend of rising prices Some people say that the headset is a metaphysical, the so-called analysis, sound field, separation, knot, etc. on the sense of listening to the sense, but the headset manufacturers to confuse consumers only means , In the end count is not a good headset ultimately have to rely on their own ears to identify the author that the words have some truth, beats solo but also some one-sided, although the sense of hearing is subjective, but mature technology and powerful hardware is good Sound quality protection.For example, you will think HD800 is also metaphysical? Good headphones why use open design? First of all can be sure that there is absolutely no mystery, Xiao Bian and around the capital Deep hair enthusiasts Qi Qi children's shoes to ask this question, I feel very interesting. I believe that many of the headphones on this issue users have their own views, today may wish to let us talk about open and closed headphones on those things. First of all, we have to understand what is the open headset, open head is the head of the sound unit and the outside of the same, the headset shell has a lot of holes or can directly see the inside of the sound unit in the user can hear The sound of the outside world, and the people around you can hear the sound coming from the headphones (commonly known as the leakage of sound phenomenon), which also makes the open headset is not suitable for street use.But the open headphones sound field, the sound more natural, Three frequency more balanced. We have said above, like HD800, K812 and so are open headphones, and these headphones are basically home use HiFi headphones.

Since it comes to open headphones, you have to say under the closed headphones, as the name suggests, closed headphones refers to the inside and outside the sound unit is not connected with the outside world, the sound unit is in a completely closed cavity, Noise, and headphones are often used in the cortex and some sound insulation materials. Good sound insulation effect is also more suitable for closed-end headphones, but compared with open headphones, closed-end headphones high frequency will be a bit boring, It is difficult to achieve the level of open headphones on the resolution.I do not know whether it is noted that closed headphones in addition to commonly used in the street when used, but also often used for monitoring and recording studio for musicians, the recording needs to be very clear Clean sound, but also to avoid the interference of the external beats by dr dre environment. These are the closed headphones have. Although its sound field is not open headphones wide and natural, but its sound surrounded by a strong sense, can bring better immersion In addition, the closed-end headphones than the open-end headset is more vigorous and flexible, it is suitable for listening to pop music, but in the enthusiasts view, the performance of high frequency only highlight the headset Force, so in the circle of enthusiasts, open headphones is still their main topic of discussion.

As the saying goes, as long as the technical aspects of the problem is not a problem, but for the closed headset, it is difficult to beats by dre cheap achieve the sound of open headphones as natural and transparent even in front of that several top closed headphones , But also with the same level of open headphones in the sound quality there are some gaps.Therefore, to do a good closed headset, the difficulty is much higher than the open headphones, R & D costs are naturally very high. There are few reasons for the top-of-the-line headphones, brands and production that are recognized as good for the market, and most of the closed headphones have been positioned in the street from the product design and use environment because it has Open headphones a lot better sound insulation, the shell can do more fashion, more suitable for outdoor, library, subway and other environments to use, neither quarreled to others and will not be quarreled by others, but the sound compromise is Why the market so many closed headphones are to promote their own low-frequency how hard (tonic weight), how suitable for listening to pop music (boom), the appearance of how fashionable (fashion) .In fact, for those and The pursuit of sound quality of the user, to meet these needs seems to be enough, but the open headset is clearly not the same, the author is hard to think of which high-end open headphones look fancy, and never heard of it How to use the situation is also limited to at home, but enthusiasts have preferred open headphones, because they are most concerned about is the sound quality. With senior enthusiasts in the dream of children's words, "as long as the sound can make me moved, what Fashion ah appearance ah is not important. "Enough to see its consistent pursuit of sound quality.Therefore, from the pure listening point of view, in a quiet environment to wear a good open headphones is the essence of taste music ah.

In fact, on the open headset and closed headphones which is no longer good topic, Xiao Bian Daoshi that the problem does not need to be too tangled.If it is out of the street when used to choose closed headphones; if the taste of music at home, The former is to focus on fashion, low frequency and noise; the latter is fully concerned about the quality of sound performance.Therefore, for these reasons, we also can not understand why those top headphones are mostly open design The