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Noise-free headphones really so magical?

Just a few years time, noise reduction headset advertising on the overwhelming, even the crowds of sites are also packed with noise reduction headset ads, it seems that you do not buy a noise reduction headset on the friends of the circle of friends. But, really like advertising said, noise reduction headphones is so the effect of magic it? Take a quick look at what acoustics experts say!

1. Noise reduction headphones how to achieve noise reduction?

You may feel that the noise reduction headset is not so mysterious, its role is to reduce the noise outside the headphones as beats by dre on sale much as possible into our ears. This simple, we common professionals wearing envy of the big earmuffs, which does not play this role Well! But it seems wrong, we see the ads on the noise-free headphones is not the case.

In fact, the noise reduction headset is divided into active noise reduction and passive noise reduction two, in other words is concerned, noise reduction headphones are divided into active noise reduction and passive noise reduction two, where the " Source "understood as a power supply just fine. Obviously large earcaps should belong to the passive noise reduction headphones, and domestic advertising main publicity, in fact, is the active noise reduction headphones.

How does active noise reduction headphones produce noise reduction? In fact, it is not complicated, first through the microphone on the headset to collect the low-frequency noise in the environment, and then through the built-in calculator to quickly generate a replay with the sound at the same time play, so that can produce the environmental noise to offset the magic effect The

Active noise reduction headphones generally have what technology?

Technology is too much, this is also a cross-disciplinary field. Active noise reduction headphones still cheap beats headphones follow the classification of traditional audio, there are analog and digital points, the current or modal mixed majority, so the traditional sound technology must be needed. In addition, the core of active noise reduction headset is a complex algorithm, according to its structural design is generally divided into feedforward and feedback, the specific algorithm details here is no longer explained, each algorithm also have their own advantages and disadvantages, At present the commonly used or feedforward and feedback fusion algorithm.

2. Active noise reduction technology needs to adapt the application scenario

From the above analysis, active noise reduction headphones can really play a good noise reduction effect, but this world is not perfect technology, active noise reduction technology must also have limitations and shortcomings.

In fact, active noise reduction technology can offset the noise is cheap beats by dre very limited, only limited to some low-frequency steady-state noise, which is a number of active noise reduction headphones are stressed the reasons for the application of the aircraft, because the noise on the aircraft is really special , The most suitable characteristics of active noise reduction technology. But if replaced by subway, bus and other scenes, in fact, the noise reduction effect will not be so significant on the plane, and for the general life of the scene of the natural noise reduction headphones almost no effect.

Therefore, if it is not often travel by business travelers, but just want to hear high-quality music, select the active noise reduction headphones is not appropriate.

Once again stressed that the active noise reduction headset is the need to adapt to the application of the scene, not advertising as any scene is magical effect, in fact, it simply can not offset most of the noise in the life scene. If it is not long-term travel by plane business users, the purchase really need to be careful.

Also stressed that the active noise reduction technology simply reduce the number of decibels do not make much sense, especially in China are generally marked a peak point noise reduction decibel, more importantly, depends on noise reduction bandwidth and average noise reduction the amount.

Does the active noise reduction headphones affect the sound quality of music playback?

If you open the active noise reduction mode will inevitably affect the sound quality, which may not say bad, because some people really like some kind of rendering sound, and active noise reduction headphones to do the rendering of the sound may make you feel comfortable, but If you want to listen to high-quality music, do not open this model, and if you are a music enthusiast, it is recommended that you choose vice HiFi's headphones

3. How to buy noise reduction headphones?

You should go to experience the store to try the results, if you are the first time to buy more do not recommend you direct online shopping, and first find out the actual results and then the order is not late; Finally, if you decide to buy, still have to look at the parameters, Such as noise reduction range, the average noise reduction and so on. Also pay attention to some of the parameters of the virtual standard, active noise reduction technology, after all, is still a complex technology, the algorithm and hardware requirements are high, if it is particularly cheap to be careful, and now noise reduction headset shipments are not enough to maintain 99 The popularity of the yuan.

And then add that, but also pay attention to the battery, after all, always charging is not a way, another sale is also very important, do not forget, active noise reduction headphones which also more speakers, if not bad but will increase the noise even Whistle, and a long time the hardware is easy to aging, seriously affect the performance, not a stable after-sales protection is really not work