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Moving headset and moving headset difference

Now the headset has become essential for people to go out with the portable equipment, whether it is headset or ear headphones, usually walking in the street or take the subway can be seen when the basic people in their daily lives necessity. What is the difference between moving iron headphones and moving headphones? The sound density of the moving headphones is slightly loose, not compact enough, and the moving headphones are much stronger in this respect than this, and the compactness is very good. Moving iron headset itself rich details of the sound of cool, its sense of level distribution is also more clear, not like a dynamic headset as a smooth sense of excessive. Moving the headset vibration efficiency is relatively high, so the corresponding speed than the moving headphones look faster, in the transient performance is also relatively rapid. Frequency response range is narrow, has been the soft ribs of moving headphones, good moving coil structure headphones can even break through the cheap beats by dre ears of the listening range to achieve a wider range of frequency response. But the moving headphones can be stacked through the unit and frequency technology to compensate for some of the frequency range of defects.

Moving headphones can be said that the current market is absolutely mainstream headphones, we usually use the headphones are basically moving coil unit, whether it is headset or ear plug type. And the price of moving headphones generally cheaper, of course, there are more expensive, after all, any brand of headphones will do some high-end products.

We usually use the headset are moving coil units, including the various types of speakers on the market, are also used in moving coil unit. It can also be done very small, earbud headphones are generally used in diameter 9mm or 13.5mm moving coil beats by dre studio unit, so as to plug into our ears. So that headphones become more compact and lightweight, wear more comfortable. The size of the moving iron unit is only larger than the rice, put a silicone earplugs, can easily into the depths of our ear canal. Therefore, beats by dre sale the dynamic characteristics of the moving iron unit determines the basic head of the moving head is ear, so that users can bring high-quality sound experience.