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Mobile phone "radio" why should the headset to use?

Many smart phones, and even functional machines, have a radio function, every time you want to open to listen to the time, will be prompted to insert the headset to use, which is why? Xiaobian today to take you to find out. beats by dre We use the old radio, are with the antenna, to pull out the antenna to receive a clear voice, the phone built-in FM radio, in fact, is missing a such antenna, and the headset just played the role of the antenna. Why the headset at this time can be when the antenna? This is about to talk about the principle of radio, the radio signal is very long wavelength, for the broadband signal, the role of headphones is a signal amplifier, mobile phone built-in FM chip antenna connected to the headset, Zoom in, after matching can become an antenna

In short, the headset is equivalent to a signal amplifier, so that the phone can receive radio signals, if there is no headphones, other headphone port equipment can also play the same role