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Long time wearing a headset you, be careful to let the ear permanently injured

Often see plug the headphones to listen to music young people, perhaps in their eyes, the headset is a fashion label, do not know if the way to wear headphones unscientific, will affect the hearing. Many young people in listening to music, like to put beats headphones the volume is very large, the body will swing with the rhythm, however, if the long-term exposure to 80 dB or more in a noisy environment, the risk of high-frequency hearing loss of the ear Rapid increase, there will be noise deafness. Relative to the earbud headphones, hooded headphones on the hearing damage will be much smaller. Because the earbud headphones are directly plug in the external auditory canal, the sound directly on the tympanic membrane, the tympanic membrane pressure will be relatively large, more likely to cause hearing damage. The hooded headset is beats by dre covered in the ear, part of the sound can be transmitted through the air, the tympanic membrane pressure is relatively small, the sound of the cochlea on the sound of cilia cells to stimulate the smaller. Each time wearing a headset time not more than an hour, every hour to take off the headphones, let the ears rest for at least 15 minutes, the cumulative time to wear headphones every day not more than 3 hours. Internationally recognized protection of hearing "60-60" principle is cheap beats to tell people that the use of headphones, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, continuous use of time to less than 60 minutes.

Some people do not wear headphones to listen to music can not sleep, this is a very bad habit. Eardrum and auditory nerve for a long time in a state of load, will inevitably damage the hearing. People chatted up to forget so, talk cell phone or handset are hot, "there are some people busy, more phone, he came to physical examination, through a professional hearing test will find that the left side than the right side of the Hearing beats earphones significantly reduced, which shows that he often use the left ear to answer the phone. "Usually called the phone, each side of the ears do not exceed 3 minutes, every 3 minutes to change the side to answer. Hearing impairment is a slow process of development, so it is difficult to alert. Once can not hear the sound of moving around the clock, others sometimes can not hear, or watch TV to adjust the volume, we must be vigilant, and this is the performance of hearing damage.