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Little headset maintenance know-how

There is such a time when the wood, listening to music when suddenly encountered headphones "strike", had a good mood was destroyed gone. So you start complaining about the poor quality of headphones, short life and so on. In fact, many times are caused by improper use of personal, in order not to let this "tragedy" happen again, headset conservation guide you have to read! Small partners may ask, the headset can have any technical content? Usually is nothing more than plugs, wires and headphones composed of the first three parts, but these three inside the knowledge can be more, do not look down on this headset! The details of the fate of the plug must be particularly protective When the plug is removed, with the hand holding the plug part of the pull together, remember to pull the headset line, or easily lead to cable beats by dre wireless internal fracture, the consequences are common "side of the side Ring "or simply" both sides do not ring. " Headphones first killer wire maintenance of the most important beats by dre sale as a headset in the most "weak" part, usually we have to be more gentle headphones, do not hard pull the headset wire. Use the sweat to wipe off the line, because the body will appear with fat and the like secretions, is the wire of the invisible killer. Over time, the wire will be aging, and finally lead to cracks, broken.

More than a layer of protection Do not ignore the sponge sets Do not underestimate this little accessories, its role is not small, in addition to non-slip, to prevent leakage and other effects. It can also effectively reduce the ear fatigue and improve the closure between earplugs and ears, improve the sound quality of the headset, so that the effect of more low-frequency, but also in the volume is too large, to prevent the ear shell and the ear between the resonance. Wear methods should pay attention to wearing some headphones, try not to let the wire directly with the skin contact, so this is not very comfortable, and secondly to avoid the impact of sweat on the wire. Moisture beats earbuds is the headphones of the natural enemies headphone unit within the pad will rust, resistance increases, your headphones will beats earphones be biased. Do not give bacteria to stay in space due to the special way to wear ear headphones, and direct contact with the ear canal, will inevitably produce bacteria, if not promptly clean up the earwax or other dirt, is likely to harm health. So that the headset away from the strong magnetic and magnetic will make the internal components of the headphones magnetic weakened, over time the sensitivity will drop, from the headphones to reduce the sound quality.