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Listen to your favorite music, do not have HIFI headphones really waste

Headphones in the appearance of the bright spot, is it that one molding aluminum alloy shell, bringing a strong sense of visual impact, excellent cutting process, making the metal texture strong, forced to full. Sound quality, sound transparent and clear, low-frequency strong and powerful, flexible, IF human voice, high-frequency extension smooth, a variety of musical instruments structured. This is a beautiful and stylish appearance, coupled with clear and transparent sound of the headphones, whether visual or auditory, are moving towards a new height. Headset design simplicity yet personality, ear shell LOGO cutting fine, rich in detail, strong metal texture. In the sound quality, located in the tri-band balance, the actual listening, low-frequency dive deep, fist to the meat, the frequency of the human voice is clear and clean, full, high-frequency extension is good, smooth, can easily control a variety of popular music. Three units of iron headset design, integration of the advantages of moving coil and moving iron, in the high resolution at the same time, but also can have a large dynamic performance. The actual listening, the broad dynamic performance capabilities, bringing surging shock bass feel, high frequency and human voice details, sound clear and smooth. Design, metal texture strong, eye-catching, in general, whether it is sound quality or appearance, or wear the feelings, can bring a better user experience.

Single element moving iron headphones, so in cheap beats by dr dre the wear, because the volume petite, beats by dr dre wearing more comfort. Listening to the feelings, due to a moving iron unit, so the sound is more pure, with good acoustic performance. Appearance, the design of the nozzle in line with ergonomics, which can better ensure efficient audio, but also make it wear more wear, listening and more enjoyment. Headphones are located in the ear-type noise reduction headphones, with automatic noise reduction technology, so for business travel, travel users, is the preferred gifted. Appearance, seamless minimalist design, smaller size can be more posts and ear canal, can better match the noise performance of headphones. Making the sound on the increase in the bass outbreak ability, surging sound quality to bring shocking listening experience. Headphones can be an attractive that is translucent design, you can clearly see cheap beats the internal structure of the cavity, subtle and hate new things. Headphone unit designed for dual-balanced armature drive, making the sound sweet and rich sense of direction, business you can eat clearly, orderly. And this is a switchable headset, removable internal molding of the cable, in the provision of a reliable way to change the wire at the same time, but also experience the sound quality of different wire feel, so that the music is more interesting. Bass excellent headphones, and then design, the headset with a dual low-frequency airflow design, to fine control of beats by dre on sale the internal air elasticity, for the low frequency performance increased advantage. Coupled with the two-phase push-pull unit, doubled the magnet to improve the magnetic force, making the low frequency is also more rich and flexible, feel better, can feel the drums in their own ear vibration. The most important is a scalable headset design, removable wire, in bringing a more secure way to change at the same time, but also make music more interesting, you can try to replace the different wire, experience a different sense of hearing The