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Listen to the true meaning of music There is always a headset for you

Every day on the way to work, a train journey, or a quiet afternoon, we always want to have music accompanied. This time, we need a headset and we share the music built-in HiFi level HD lossless audio decoder chip, you can decode FLAC / WAV / APE and other beats earphones 13 kinds of music formats, equipped with intelligent system, to provide automatic volume adjustment, automatic pause, Gesture control, voice control and other "black technology" features generous fashion appearance, removable silicone earrings, ergonomic design details, creating a very comfortable wearing effect. As a sports headset, the scene adaptability is indispensable, S20 material using IP4 waterproof design, the user can enjoy the hearty movement without worrying about sweat corrosion headphones internal circuit. In order to ensure high quality, S20 with diameter 15mm large caliber speakers, imports of titanium film, the United States CSR Bluetooth 4.1 chip, high light and not thorn, bass and round, and can match beats by dre studio the different models cheap beats of mobile phones,

It has industry-leading sound effects, stylish and low-key design, concealed adjustable head ring with ultra-soft ear pads and non-slip silicone, to achieve the playback / pause, tracking and volume functions such as sliding control, built-in high-definition microphone and Active echo beats headphones cheap suppression makes the call clear and audible, as well as natural and ultra-dynamic two modes of voice can choose. Now a variety of headphones, function and sound quality are also different. Some suitable for the game, some suitable for music, some suitable for sports. However, as long as you carefully selected, there is always a suitable for your needs.