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Listen to the sound with a good headset your headset right

Headphones are a very important tool in our lives. If you are a fitness enthusiast, have a sports headset, you can in the music world in the hearty; if you often travel travel, cabin noise no worries, a noise reduction headphones will immediately quiet your world; of course , If you are a music fanatic, wearing a great music headphones, every day is to enjoy the auditory feast! It sounds is not so cool, the premise is that you have to choose the right headset. Reduce the stethoscope effect

Stethoscope effect: running headset friction collision, issued a noise along the headphone line conduction to the ear canal, affecting the experience. Sports Bluetooth headset mostly used after the hanging or back of the data cable to reduce the headset in the chest shaking the line stability, largely from the source to solve the stethoscope effect.

2. Firmness is important

Sports produce severe vibration, the headset, such as wearing is not strong enough, it is easy to fall. Most manufacturers will be in the auricle part of the "fin" -like stability of the wing, when you wear from the internal hook part of the ear, the daily running can basically guarantee that will not fall off. In addition, the relative wear can also guarantee the stability of the headset.

3. Must be waterproof and sweat

Sports sweating is difficult to avoid, ordinary headphones are not only vulnerable to sweat erosion damage, but also easy to accumulate sweat stains bacteria. And waterproof anti-sweat function of the headset is different, the first is not easy to damage, the other exercise can also be washed directly with water to reduce the breeding of bacteria to maintain the health of users.

4. Keep light and comfortable

Everyone's ear shape somewhat different, which requires the headset in the design of the focus on the comfort of their cheap beats wear, as well as long-term wear on the ears of the degree of injury. So sports headphones are generally as lightweight as possible, while wearing also ergonomic design.

1. Active noise reduction

Description: the current noise reduction headset mainstream, generally no special words, noise reduction headphones are all active noise reduction headphones.

Take the initiative to attack, through a number of microphones to collect the use of noise around the user, and through the fuselage built-in computing chip to calculate, to calculate a group of "anti-sine wave", and noise "sine wave" sound phase overlap To achieve the purpose of noise reduction.

Tips: If you are flying trapeze, spend more time on the plane than on the ground more, then an excellent active noise reduction headphones will be your cheap beats good choice. After all, active noise reduction headphones in the noise reduction effect and functionality than passive noise reduction headphones a lot better.

2. Passive noise reduction

Description: mainly refers to the physical means to block the ear canal, to prevent and stop the noise into the ear canal to achieve the purpose of noise reduction headset products.

Usually passive noise reduction headphones are ear earphones, and some use ordinary rubber sets, and some are using memory expansion sponge, through a combination of different materials, generally can reach more than ten to several db noise reduction effect. Some custom ear earplugs can even achieve 35db noise parameters, noise reduction effect is good.

Tips: If you are not beats by dre sale demanding high noise requirements, but the user in the office simply to isolate the surrounding environment noise to improve work efficiency, then a passive noise reduction headphones can meet your requirements.

1. game sound positioning

In the game, the most important role played by the headset may be to determine the enemy's position, distance and movement, and the requirements of the headset is very high, otherwise it is easy to detect or detect the wrong information. Good game headset can have a good sense of the direction of the sound.

2. Anti-noise effect

We all know that in some competitive games scene, there will be a lot of noise through the player's headset into the other teammates, which seriously affected the quality of the call. This requires the game headset to provide a very good anti-noise effect, so as to clearly understand the game all the sound information.

3. Wear comfort

The general game players will be a long time the game headset, so the model should not be too heavy, do not have a chuck, earmure material is also very important. Earmuffs the best choice of leather materials, breathable, and relatively soft, long time to wear no pressure, the general high-end gaming headset are using this material.

4.HIFI is not equal to the game

HIFI headphones tend to restore the real scene, and strive to all the sound details of the perfect presentation to the user; and the game headset will be part of the frequency of the sound suppression, and then a single band to strengthen the sound, allowing users to directly hear the game competition The most helpful detail of that hand.