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Listen to music for a long time to listen to music

Wherever they will see people wearing headphones to listen to music, they do not disturb others while still listening to music to send boring time, such as by bus, doing housework or others, so that neither delay doing things, but also Enjoy the wonderful music, you will feel that time faster than some. Moreover, in the more noisy occasions want to listen to music must wear headphones, otherwise, you bring someone else is the noise, and, they simply can not listen to music. There are a lot of computer game enthusiasts, under normal circumstances when playing the game will be wearing headphones, while enjoying the game in the wonderful music side of the fighting. Listen to music for a long time

However, it is easy to overlook the point is that if a long time wearing a headset to listen to music is not conducive to the ears of health, and even damage our ears. We all know a common sense, that is, noise will hurt our ears, such as violent guns are likely to hurt our ears, violent guns may instantly our ears Zhenlong, when we hear the noise when the body will Uncomfortable, and even noise can induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

We wear headphones, you can feel the wonderful music at close range, but because the sound is too close to the distance from the ears, high-decibel noise lasting stimulation of the human ear, easy to cause damage to the inner ear hair cells and even death Life noise deafness, you will feel the hearing is getting worse, listen to the sound of music will be more and more, in fact, the ear has been hurt, and this led beats by dre studio to the ear hearing loss is irreversible.

So, if it is wearing a headset to listen to music, be sure to pay attention to the sound down, as long as it can be very clear like, do not pursue any wild stimulation, and wear headphones to listen to some time, the best put down the headset, Let your ears take a break, if there is hearing loss, tinnitus and deafness, be sure to seek medical treatment.

In life there are some people who like to listen to music should also pay attention to, as far as possible in the open space to listen to music, do not in a very small space and then the tone of the music tune a great, that will also hurt our ears, Damage our hearing. For example, when singing in the karaoke hall, do not adjust the volume too high, you may be very happy to sing, but at the same time you are torturing someone else's ears.

In addition to listening to music noise, there are some noise in our lives to take the initiative to prevent, such as some operating noise, including noise, including mechanical processing, manufacturing, such as cutting, cutting, forging, etc .; metal surface treatment Such as polishing, sandblasting, cleaning; coal mines and other mining, including drilling, blasting, boring and so on. In the process of urban construction and development, these noise we will often contact, so pay attention to protect their ears, away from these noise-producing environment, and that people engaged in these work, we must take some measures to prevent noise