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Is the headset really metaphysical? why?

There are many on the metaphysical, but the headset is definitely not metaphysics.

such as:

There are extreme enthusiasts personally test, went to only the wind power of the island, only small hydropower mountain, to experience the different performance of audio equipment. They think that after the power grid, all kinds of electricity mixed together, there is no way to distinguish, the sound is no longer pure, only in a single type of power supply beats earphones case, to hear a pure sound of some kind of electricity. A fever enthusiast after a personal test, but also convinced that a single hydropower and wind power case, the sound quality is more pure, better than the hybrid network sound quality.

Can headphones really be metaphysics? Moving iron moving coil and even the top of the static headset, material type, manufacturers tuning, different variables are naturally completely different sound.

Point in the earphone ring, there are several more popular "metaphysics" topic.

The first topic is: hydroelectric and thermal power of the topic, the paragraph is like this:

"With the power of thermal power, the sound of warm; with water and electricity of the sound at the end of cold, but the resolution is very high .In the hydropower, the best sound of the Gezhou dam; thermal power to the Beilun power plant the best sound quality (Because the proportion of burning anthracite is the highest)

This is of course false, I have not seen any real enthusiasts to publish such a similar or similar point of view, this is just a series of people laughing out of the block only.

The second topic is to burn headphones in the end there is no use?

This topic is a lot of controversy, the first thing to say is that many enthusiasts that their home speakers, relatively large moving speakers, burning machine is useful, because the manufacture of sound cone, diaphragm material (usually paper, plastic) Is aging, repeated exercise or a long time will be aging. But the headset so small unit, the movement is not as loud as the speaker, burning headphones have no use? There are many people drying out the results of various agencies to detect, or to say that the body, burned and did not burn the difference between the headphones.

I think that "everything is a movement of change," although the unit is small, but the material is also changing, in the aging, a new headset, if not, the material inside will be oxidized, I think these changes are kept Occurred in the headset vibration sound when the material strength, toughness is also some changes, but some headphones may be obvious, and some may not be obvious. But the individual is still on the headset against the state, a headset is designed to have a life, you use more, his life began to shorten, burn for hundreds of hours, is not it a loss? New headphones I think do not have to burn, just need to listen naturally, slowly try to feel it is not a change in the cheap beats by dr dre sound can be.

The third metaphysical topic, "lossless music and high bit rate MP3 can not hear the difference

There are a beats earbuds lot of people say this thing, and even a well-known domestic musicians also made microblogging so to say, but I think, lossless music and high bit rate MP3 sounds different, the two audio coding is different, But can not hear the difference is the sensitivity of the human ear, under normal circumstances, the human ear can hear the sound frequency range is 20-20KHz, a person with age, ears inside the "flagella" will fall, that is Some elderly people are very bad reason for the ear, a lot of people to the 30-year-old has been unable to hear the sound of 20-20KHz, and can listen to the scope has been reduced. In addition, the response frequency and resolution of the headset also determines the number of subtle sounds, is not presented in the headphones, some good headphones, is able to very clearly hear some subtle sound.