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In the past, the decisive factor affecting the sound quality of headphones is still so important?

Although in recent years, living standards and material conditions have improved, but for consumers, single-move unit headphones is still the mainstream. In a lot of friends concerned about the 200-300 price, but also mostly based on single moving structure. The same is the dynamic ring earplugs, the biggest difference in what place? Speaking of this and the headset is closely related to the size, you can not help. Although there are many factors that can affect the performance of the headset sound quality, but the soul of the mobile phone headset, after all, is moving coil unit. How to measure a dynamic ring ear is good or bad? Compared to obscure materials, I think the headphone unit size is more important. why would you say so? Let us look at the vocal principle of moving headphones. As the most common headphone structure, the principle of moving the headphones is similar to that of ordinary speakers. The coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected with the diaphragm, and the coil drives the diaphragm under the driving of the signal beats by dre cheap current. Because it is vibration vibration sound, so the sound is more natural and loose, and has a natural range of frequency response advantages. After understanding the working principle of the moving headphones, we will find that when the same power in the different size of the speaker, the large size of the speaker can do a better low-frequency dive, better low-frequency loose sense, a larger sound scale And the sense of energy. At the same time, by the cavity space constraints, the general size of the ear headphones are smaller. While the headset because of the larger size, so the unit size will generally be larger. So it is easy to understand why the experienced friends will insist on choosing larger unit size headphones.

However, with the exploration and familiarity of different materials, the advantages of element size are being different material advantages and cavity structure gradually closer. The appearance of bio-diaphragm, liquid crystal diaphragm and wood diaphragm enhances the physical properties of the diaphragm. In addition, the diaphragm processing technology sophisticated, so that titanium, beryllium and other metals through the form of nano-molecules, evenly distributed in the use of similar materials such as polyester made of headphones diaphragm, but also from another level to enhance the The quality of earphone diaphragm. In the material and technology at two levels of small size earphone diaphragm, frequency response range cheap beats compared to the previous significant improvement, coupled with 3D software to help the cavity structure can be more in-depth design and projections, and now the ear headphones In the performance of the sound can have a better performance. Able to drive a good use of new materials, innovative technology and high-quality cavity design of the ear-type moving headphones, the playback effect is no less than some headset. The emergence of new materials and new technology, making the current unit size is not a decisive factor beats by dre affecting the sound quality of headphones. However, from the vocal principle of the headset, in the space beats by dr dre structure allows and appropriate circumstances, large size unit does have the advantage. Whether it is in-ear style earphone or headset, combined with impedance, sensitivity and other factors to consider, choose a larger unit size of the headset, easier to get high-quality sound.