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HQ SQ What is the difference between HQ SQ?

HQ is the English High Quality short, meaning high quality; SQ is the English Super Quality, meaning super quality, that is, an almost lossless music. And for no HQ, SQ this mark because it is the standard type of music, that is, the saying goes, the quality of the general. Standard quality, lossy compression, by reducing the audio sampling frequency and bit rate compression, the output of the audio file than the original file is small, so the quality of the song in general; and HQ, SQ this high-quality music, similar to lossless compression Principle: the 100% of the original document can save all the data under the premise of the audio file volume compression smaller, and the compressed audio file after the reduction, to achieve the same size with the source file, the same rate The So for ordinary and HQ, SQ this logo music, the difference between them is reflected in the amount of information is different. Because SQ and HQ information is different, so SQ track number and presentation of the three-dimensional degree than HQ strong. When listening to the big compilation, SQ can strengthen the subtle hidden musical instrument sound and also in addition to noise, better than HQ processing. So in the sense of sound density is different, the sound field is not the same. SQ music sound density is greater, horizontal sound field is large, the public sound depth, can clearly feel the sound around the border, sense of distance and sound thickness, sounds more open, ethereal.

For ordinary friends or music lovers, the same song, respectively, in the standard quality and high quality format playback, listen carefully or can distinguish out. But between SQ and HQ, most people can not hear the difference between them, except for some music enthusiasts or big gods in this area. From this you can see, that is, the beats solo difference between you and your friends - equipment! Slightly with a little bit of the player, you can still easily feel the gap between HQ and AQ. Second, then, put aside the equipment aside, sometimes you will find that there is a sense of heart, so that moment, you hear the difference between them, feel the usual listening HQ did not feel the details, it is because the song The style and type of difference. When you listen to some popular pop feelings do not come out, you can try to listen to heavy metal rock and roll, or a large compilation, symphony feel. So, if you can not hear the difference between HQ SQ, you can first consider changing the headset, followed by it, is the kind of style songs, find a quiet environment to feel those subtle changes.