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How to use wireless stealth headphones

Now the application of wireless stealth headphones is very common, because the wireless stealth headphones compared to wired headset more convenient. Wireless stealth headphones not only bring up convenience, but also very strong performance. Wireless headset talk time can be maintained for about 4 hours, music time about 3 hours, standby time up to 1-3 days. First set the beats by dr dre transmitter power switch to the wireless stealth headset position, the power indicator light. Press the remote control headset key indicator light, and then press the search button for 1 second and beats by dre cheap then let the wait 3-5 seconds to receive the sound from the transmitter. Wireless stealth headset with beats by dre on sale Bluetooth receiver function, noise reduction function, PA function, wired audio input function. Wireless headphones bright colors, the inner sleeve of the sponge evenly distributed in the contact surface, can pressure to a minimum, sponge permeability and hygroscopicity is better, cool summer, winter insulation.

Wear wireless stealth headphones, be sure to pay attention to the sound not too much, so as not to damage the hearing. In addition, wireless stealth headphones are now getting smaller and smaller, to the miniaturization of the development, there have cheap beats by dr dre been rice grain stealth headphones. When wearing this wireless stealth headphones, be sure to first dig out the ears, take out the time to use dig ear spoon, dig ear spoon to stabilize, only dig ear spoon when the headset, to remove the wireless stealth headphones The