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How to do too hot to wear? Summer to buy headphones skills

And to the hot summer, for people who are prone to sweating, wearing a headset in this weather as long as beats solo a few minutes will be sweating, suddenly near the ears become hot. And this problem can be considered a long time, often in the summer there are always many users will begin to complain about the problem, and discuss the solution, but many times are fruitless, this time by the summer, the author and Members talk about headphones wearing too hot how to deal with this problem. Headphones are the hardest hit by this problem, especially the big headphones designed with a bunch of ears. When used, people who feel hot must be a few, and this type of headset hides the entire auricle when it is worn, Air circulation, to the summer it becomes a very "fatal" problem, the temperature near the ear is easy to rise, sweat is not easy to be evaporated. In addition, the bias of the portable ear headphones in the hot summer also have such problems, close to the ears of the ear pads can also cause hot sweating phenomenon. The best way to solve the problem is to avoid using headphones in the summer, but it is obviously not possible for people who have job needs or other factors to use it. Since the cause of hot sweating is because the air is not in circulation, then as long as the air near the ear to speed up the flow can improve the phenomenon, the main means through the ear cushion material to enhance the air circulation, each different material has not The same performance.

Leather is the more common ear pad material, if you continue to subdivide it can be divided into artificial and leather, artificial leather in terms of durability will be slightly higher than the leather material, but the leather will prevail in the ventilation, for leather Said that the air circulation is mainly dependent on the surface texture, and the number of leather texture is also more fine, so easy to breathe. But in the actual use of these two materials in the breathability of the unparalleled, wear feel closer. In addition to leather, some high-end earphones will use velvet or similar material, velvet surface has a lot of dense fluff, feel very comfortable and soft, this material is mainly dependent on the gap between the hair for breathable, but also have a certain sweat capacity. There are a small part of the headset is used in a special material, the surface is porous velvet, the inner layer is similar to the plastic, theoretically this kind of ear pads in the ventilation and sweat sweat has a clear advantage, but the current use of less headphones The

In fact, when the actual wear of different ear cushion material on the permeability of the impact is very small, especially after a long time difficult to feel the difference between different materials, but if it is easier to sweat friends choose to sweat the ear pads The comfort is still very helpful. I think in the headset which has the greatest impact on the permeability of the earmuffs on the head of the pressure, the pressure of the headphones usually give the feeling will be more hot, air circulation is slow, the summer time, the choice of pressure Small headphones will be relatively faster to exchange air, which brings cool, this time the sound insulation will decline is a more regretful place. Through the choice of different ear pads to wear a headset to solve the hot problem a bit palliative, it is difficult to solve the root causes of the summer headset to wear overheating problems, we do not have to stare at the headset, why not choose to sound effects more What a smaller somersault earphone or a very comfortable flat head plug?

There may be a lot of friends to say, in-ear headphones summer wear for a long time will also be uncomfortable, ear can feel boring and up, and also avoid the problem of sweating. Indeed, the summer ear-style headphones have such a shortcomings, but relative to the headset has been a lot of good, Moreover, ear-style earphones to replace the earmuffs is very convenient, the world there are many in the sale of high comfort Of the C sets to choose from, and headset to replace the ear pad to enhance comfort, often because the design is difficult to buy compatible products. In addition, in addition to in-ear headphones we have a choice cheap beats of flat head plug, although the sound insulation effect is somewhat low, but its comfort and breathability is undoubtedly the best of many headphones, wearing almost no burden, very cheap beats by dr dre suitable for fear of hot friends In the summer use, will not appear wearing a hot and ear headphones discomfort.

Easy to sweat people wearing sports headphones in summer is very good

In addition to many users in the summer there is a distress, headset for a long time easy to sweat, some users take off the headset is already sweating, and these sweat may be invisible headphones, headphones prolonged exposure to sweat will cause Some serious beats solo damage to the situation can also make the headset short circuit, for such a situation, I suggest that these users can choose sports in the summer headphones, sports headphones in the protective performance and comfortable to wear a good protection.

Summer selection of a cool headset has been a lot of people to discuss the problem, in fact, headset to be completely farewell hot is not possible, if you are particularly afraid of heat, wearing a headset for sweating, but had to use Headphones, which may wish to choose the next choice of other ways to wear, ear, flat head plug can be considered, in addition, often sweating often damage the headset users may wish to go out in the summer when using sports headphones, protection level and wear comfort fully able Cater for all the requirements for summer use.