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How should the headset be taken care of?

Many people often constantly change the headset, what Bluetooth headset ah, mobile phone headset like a month or two for a, they often complain cheap beats by dre about buying poor quality headphones, of course, do not rule out this possibility, but if you often change Headphones, then it is not just the quality of the headset problem, and your own use of the details of the use of headphones.

Usually these people will complain, in the end what brand of headphones good, or which brand of headphones can withstand their destruction, in fact, ah, can not blame the headset itself, after all, just a headset, not a lump of iron , How can we bear the trampling of everyone, Xiao Bian in this analysis of everyone often easy to bad headphones for some reasons:

First of all, a quality of the general headset prone to these problems, the jack contact bad, half of the sound, half no headphones sound disorder, distortion is obvious, plug the protective rubber off, or no sound. I am now one by one to answer these often easy to suffer problems.

1 jack bad contact most of the people of this phenomenon are pulling the headphones are pulling the line, rather than in accordance with the correct way to the end of the socket, although this can beats by dre studio bring some convenience, but when you pull because of Uneven force will gradually lead to plug and socket deformation, over time will lead to poor contact jack. So I hope you pull the plug when the try not to pull the line.

2 headphones bad half (only one side of the sound) There are two reasons for this situation, one is for the other side of the fork line is broken, this situation prone to line bifurcation, due to some of your inadvertently reasons Pulling the line, resulting in the internal section line, the appearance looks okay, in fact, this time has no electricity, and there is a situation that cheap beats is head damage, this situation is due to your headset to exert pressure or impact force is too large Hear the sound of the diaphragm damage, but also lead to noise, distortion and other phenomena, most of my friends like to sleep at night while listening to songs, and into the sleep state is not unplug the headset, this time when you are very easy when the side Perceived by the way to suppress the line and listen to the head, and then lead to a variety of damage to the headset situation. So it is recommended to sleep before pulling out the ears inside the earplugs.