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How does the headset harm the ear reduce the headset's damage to the ear?

Put on headphones, the world has nothing to do with me. Such beats by dre a popular on the network, then become a lot of fashion people's motto. Information age today, wearing headphones can be seen everywhere, especially white-collar family, due to increased pressure on the work, less communication between friends, and family communication is gone, so stuffed headphones, as many white-collar women One of the ways of self-regulation and relaxation.

Listen to music in us, is not there with the feeling? Sad? Happy? But you do not know, while you are comforted at the same time but "hurt" our ears.

Experts point out that there are a lot of young people with this bad habit, and I do not know that this will cause cheap beats by dre harm to their hearing system. As the headphones directly close to the tympanic membrane, acoustic wave propagation range is small and concentrated on the eardrum auditory nerve stimulation is relatively large, it is easy to cause damage to the eardrum and inner ear, the noise accumulated to a certain extent will produce tinnitus, earache, headache, dizziness , Emotional stress, memory loss and other symptoms, in addition, long-term wear may also lead to beats by dre cheap inflammation of the ear

White-collar workers have noticed, how to reduce beats headphones cheap the headset damage to the ear?

Recommendation 1: Buy high quality headphones

Buy headphones may wish to pick out the external noise can prevent the headphones to reduce the noise due to environmental noise and increase the volume of Walkman. Headset is best to choose the first type of wear, it is less than earbud headphones on hearing damage. Because the earbuds headphones directly plug in the external auditory canal, the sound is not the source, are toward the tympanic membrane in the past, the sound was all received by the tympanic membrane, the damage to the hearing more. In general, hear the same volume of music, earphones with headset headphones than the volume of 7 to 9 dB.

Recommendation 2: grasp the 60-60 principle

Often wear MP3 music to listen to the people should grasp the principle of 60-60, which is internationally recognized as the protection of hearing methods. When listening to music, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, continuous listening time not more than 60 minutes.

Recommendation 3: try to listen to music in a quiet environment

Experts believe that once the external environment becomes noisy, the output of the headset will be subject to varying degrees of interference. In a quiet environment, several headphones output sound is almost the same.

Do you wear a headset? Long-term wear headphones great harm, especially in-ear headphones. So it is recommended to avoid wearing too much headphones.